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[Review] DOOM (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: id Software & Panic Button Games

Publisher: Bethesda

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Category: First Person, Action & Multiplayer 

Release Date: 10th of November, 2017 (EU & NA)

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Prepare to Meet Your Doom when Bethesda’s DOOM comes to Switch this November

Get ready for the best DOOM news we could possibly get, because it has arrived.

Revealed by Nintendo, Bethesda’s DOOM, which is being ported by Panic Button Games for Nintendo Switch, will release a lot sooner than believed as it’s due date is November 10th and if that’s not enough to drive you into a frenzy of hype, there’s some all new direct-feed footage of DOOM on Switch and you can see it right here:

Source: Nintendo of America (Twitter) & Nintendo (YouTube)

If there was just one game from the recent Nintendo Direct that completely surprised those watching, it would be Doom and its unexpected announcement for Nintendo Switch, which is out this “Holiday.”


Only if a Czech retailer is to be believed (kuma.cz) DOOM is listed as releasing on the 13th of December, but while some sites already will have you believing the date is set in stone, it could simply be a place-holder date, or just the date the physical version becomes available in Europe. Unless Bethesda or Nintendo weigh in to confirm or deny the date, at best the “leak” is a simple rumour and since December 13th is a Wednesday, it does look a little more doubtful that Doom could come out on the 13th when the 15th would be more likely.

So unless proven true, as tempting as it is, don’t buy into the hype, it’s just a rumour and with the likes of Pokémon Tournament DX, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 releasing this month and Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyssey releasing next month, even if you do aim to buy DOOM this Holiday, you’ll have plenty of other games to play in the meantime, as you wait for more substantial DOOM release news.


Source: badfive.com via @NinImpactGaming (Twitter)