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[Patch Notes] 1-2-Switch Version 1.1

When Switch Firmware Version 4.0.0. rolled out, not every first party Nintendo  title supported being able to Video Capture footage, but not to worry because a new update that allows you to do just that is out now:


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Kimishima Everything! All of Kimishima’s Answers from the April 2017 Financial Results Briefing Q&A

On the 28th of April, 2017, Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima underwent a Q&A as part of a Financial Resulta Briefing for the Fiscal Year that ended on March 2017 and we’ve got those answers!


For the purpose of this article, we will not be sharing the questions asked, as we don’t want to copy the entire document and we will be changing the order of the answers to give a little more order to them, but for anyone who would rather check out the entire thing than just skim through our summary, be sure to click on the link below: Continue reading Kimishima Everything! All of Kimishima’s Answers from the April 2017 Financial Results Briefing Q&A

Kimishima Comments on 1-2-Switch, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips’ & Breath of the Wild’s Switch Sales Performance

Following yesterday’s huge Nintendo reveals, Nintendo provided an update list of their games that have sold over 1 million units and despite Snipperclips, Super Bomberman R and 1-2-Switch all being exclusive launch titles for Switch, neither of them made it onto the list.


In fact the only Switch game that made it onto the list was in fact The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which also made it onto the Wii U’s 1 million sellers list, but going by information provided by Nintendo today, it seems 1-2-Switch is on the cusp of making it onto the list and to give you a good idea of just what exactly I am talking about, here’s Tatsumi Kimishima’s full comments with regards to 1-2-Switch: Continue reading Kimishima Comments on 1-2-Switch, Super Bomberman R, Snipperclips’ & Breath of the Wild’s Switch Sales Performance

[Review] Going Face to Face with 1-2-Switch


Developer: Nintendo

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Category: Party, Multiplayer & Action

Release Date: 3rd of March, 2017 Continue reading [Review] Going Face to Face with 1-2-Switch

Nintendo Reveals Hidden Extras That Can Be Found In 1-2 Switch

Nintendo have taken to their Topics section on the Japanese website to reveal some small details about 1-2 Switch. Some of the minigames have extra challenges or alternate rewards upon completing them a set number of times or within a certain time limit. Here is a list of the different challenges, rewards and features you can encounter. (Please take into account that this is a direct extract from the Nintendo Japan website so some translations are not exact/correct to the context they concern).

Shuffle with a shave? (Shaving)

Shaving ” which shaves beautiful squalry beards on HD vibration .
If you play three times or more in a row, you may be challenged to cut the hai . Let’s cut the head hair with Joy-Con as a clipper. Because shaving and shaving angles are different, you may be able to win against opponents who you can’t easily beat in shaving.

Put the magical power in the match (magician)

The Joy-Con is a magic wand, turning round, accumulating magical power, bumping magic ” wizard “.
During the battle, you can rotate the Joy-Con around and around to charge up power which you can expel for a more powerful attack. Be careful though as this will leave you ungaurded.
Evidence that magical power is accumulating when such ripples appear on the screen! If you stick on in this state you can push your opponent with a powerful magic attack. However, when accumulating magical power, attention is necessary because there is a gap.

 Do not be deceived by the sound of another phone! (Telephone)

Use the Joy-Con like a telephone handset, the fast take-up confrontation ” Telephone “.
When you play two or more times in a row, you will get other bell sounds on the phone.
You will be able to enjoy a slightly different way of your own sound without being deceived by other bell sounds.

Get a treasure that’s soooooooooooooooooo (treasure trouble, treasure box)

Treasure Box” Open the treasure box tangled in chains, ” Safe Cracker” compete agains the clock to open the safe .
It is a game in which you compete together against the clock to open the safe and treasure chest. Your Clear time can change the result of how much treasure is contained in the Safe or Treasure Chest. There are 4 types of treasure for both games. You need to clear it as soon as possible to get the best possible treasure. Why don’t you challenge it over and over, try aiming for an even better treasure?
These screens are the maximum treasure you can win in each game. Be sure to check out the tremendous treasure with your own eyes.

The Miketendo Strip: Issue #18: 1-2-Mario Party

If you’ve come here seeking a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. I am avlongman9 and I am the illustrator of The Miketendo Strip! and today we have a new instalment for you to enjoy!


Later on this month, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is coming to the Nintendo Switch and because we didn’t want to think of a Mario Kart related comic strip to do, we decided we’d do a Mario Party meets 1-2-Switch comic strip instead and you can see it for yourself right here: Continue reading The Miketendo Strip: Issue #18: 1-2-Mario Party

ARMS & 1-2 Switch Won’t be Nintendo’s Only Unique IP for Nintendo Switch

As nice as it is to have new instalments to series’ that we love, sometimes it’s nice to get an all new IP and it seems that is the case as far as the Nintendo Switch is concerned.


During a recent interview with a Japanese magazine, Nintendo’s own Shinya Takahashi has confirmed that ARMS and 1-2 Switch will not be the only fresh new Nintendo’s own IP we can expect to see as far as the Switch is concerned as Nintendo are “preparing one new IP straight after the other,” and that there are some titles in development already. Continue reading ARMS & 1-2 Switch Won’t be Nintendo’s Only Unique IP for Nintendo Switch

From the Hottest Desert, to the Coldest Mountain, Play with Switch

Just in case it wasn’t apparent that the Nintendo Switch is a home console you can take with you anywhere, (that’s not underwater) for anytime, (provided there’s still some charge in the battery), for any reason, Nintendo of America have devised a new means to ensure we get the message! Continue reading From the Hottest Desert, to the Coldest Mountain, Play with Switch

(Video) 1-2 Switch: 28 Games to Play & We’ve got Videos for 18 of Them!

With less than a month to go before the release of the Nintendo Switch, Breath of the Wild, Super Bomberman R and 1-2-Switch, a site for the later has now gone live and confirms 1-2 Switch to have a total of 28 playable games.

Now I don’t know about you, but that is a whole lot of games, and for anyone who would like to see some of those games in action (as of now, only 18 of them have a demonstration video), you can see them here and now to determine if 1-2 Switch is a game worth getting: Continue reading (Video) 1-2 Switch: 28 Games to Play & We’ve got Videos for 18 of Them!

1, 2, Switch: A 2017 Nintendo Switch Title (Nintendo Treehouse Live!)

Switch by name, Switch by nature.

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Let’s Talk About: Nintendo Switch (and the Presentation)

Hello and welcome to yet another instalment of Let’s Talk About, our series of discussion posts and videos dedicated to all things Nintendo! Be it a singular game, a game series in general, consoles or even Nintendo’s latest activities, you can count on us to talk about it! So with that in mind, today we dedicate this penned piece to the Nintendo Switch.
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Nintendo Switch Titles Box Art Revealed

With the Nintendo Switch Presentation well out of the way now, Official Bo Art has been revealed to the top 5 games Nintendo will be releasing on the Switch. These games include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, ARMS and 1-2 Switch. You can check out the box art below.

You can see what other games will be coming to the system via Nintendo’s official website.

Source: Nintendo.com

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & Trailers for Nintendo Switch Titles Round-up!

Earlier on we reported on there being more tracks and characters for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and now the new trailer for the port has revealed the Inklings have come to play and they brought their own god damn Splatoon themed level, which you can see here:


But we’re not just going to stop there, this is a round-up, so get ready to see a whole bunch of trailers pertaining to games that were shown off during the presentation:

Splatoon 2:


Super Mario Odyssey:


Xenoblade Chronicles 2:




1-2 Switch:


Fire Emblem Warriors:


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:


Suddenly, waking up as early I did became so worth it!

Source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Nintendo Switch Confirmed! 1-2 Switch

Nintendo do love their games that act as a collection and shows off how their latest console works and 1-2 Switch is no exception!

Although it does differ in the fact that it is a game that will be staple at parties, causes players to lock eyes with one another and have to react first and it ensures fun is had all round. Also since it is a launch title, out March 3rd we can expect to hear more about it in the coming days/months and see it in action during the live Nintendo Treehouse stream.

Source: Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017