It’s Rosalina’s time to shine!

Whether you’re playing 2013’s Wii U release of Super Mario 3D World or 2021’s Switch release of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Furywhy limit yourself to just four characters when you can play as five? Whilst not accessible during the main story, Rosalina is a fantastic character to play as, who can be unlocked during the the post-game and in this quick little guide, we’re going to break down the steps and tell you how:

How to Unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World (Wii U & Nintendo Switch):

  • Step 1: Beat the main story – After World 6, players will need to beat  the entirety of both World Castle and the eighth world, World Bowser.
  • Step 2: Credits – Upon successfully beating Bowser and finishing the level Boss The Great Tower of Bowser Land, players can either choose to watch or skip the end credits.
  • Step 3: Resume the Adventure – After the credits, resume your save file. In World 1, a Rocket will be fabricated and give players access to World Star.
  • Step 4: Journey into the Stars – Once in World Star, complete the first World Star level Rainbow Run to gain access to the second World Star level.
  • Step 5: Written in the stars – Now with access to the level Super Galaxy, play through the level in whatever fashion you desire (collecting all Green Stars and the Stamp as you go, or just rushing to the end). Rosalina can be found near the end of the level, just before the flag pole and once you’ve jumped on it to clear the stage, Rosalina will then join whatever character you are playing as.
  • Step 6: Full House – With Super Galaxy beaten, Rosalina is now available to play as and crucial for obtaining stamps on later levels, as well as a special stamp that can only be acquired by completing every level with Rosalina, who as luck would have it, thanks to a spin jump, is a fantastic character to play as.
  • Bonus Step: For those struggling to find every step, be sure to head over to IGN by clicking here and checking out their extensive guide that covers the Green Stars and Stamps available on every level.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

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