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Your source for anything to do with Indie games either coming to the Nintendo Switch or that will hopefully be headed to it at some point.

Review: I and Me

While I and Me has its simple charms between its laid back music, easygoing pace, and periodic Zen-like words of calmness there is a point where that approach can backfire. There is no doubt in my mind that there’s a class of gamer that will enjoy it, perhaps even a […]

Nindie Preview: Rocket Fist

While I began getting acquainted with Rocket Fist I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. The controls were simple to understand, and the action was intense and frantic. Yet, underneath that simplicity, there was plenty of room for skill and even strategy. In the back of my mind […]

Nindie Preview: Death Squared

If Snipperclips would be considered the cute and quirky puzzle game in the Nintendo Switch family, 30 levels into Death Squared I’m thinking it would be the drunk uncle. It has a pretty offbeat sense of humor (flashes of Portal’s GLaDOS quickly come to mind), is a bit weird, but […]