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[Video] Splatoon 2: Thank You for Playing Splatfest!

With the end of a the Splatfests today, Nintendo of Japan has celebrated this moment by releasing a new video looking back and thanking players for playing during these events. If you missed it, checkout the final results for Chaos vs Order here Chaos Reigns Supreme – Splatoon 2 Final Splatfest Results. Advertisements
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[North America] Excited for the Splatoon 2 Final Splatfest? Soon you’ll be able to represent Team Chaos or Team Order in real life!

A new announcement from Nintendo Versus today has given us our first look at brand new Splatoon merch. The official Nintendo Store online will be offering real life Splatoon 2: Final Fest T-shirts! While details are slim, they’ll be available at Nintendo Store Online in Mid-July for order. Will you Squid and Octopus kids be picking… View Article
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Heroes vs Villains splatfest on route for 12/14-12/15 in Splatoon 2 (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Promotion)

An urgent announcement has been made by Squid Research Lab! A special Heroes vs Villains Splatfest will be taking place next week to help promote the launch of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Get the details below. NEW SPLATFEST APPROACHING! To commemorate the debut of the Inkling as a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a… View Article
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Splatoon 2: Frosty Fest Splatfest taking place from January 4th-6th (48 Hours!)

Fans of Splatoon 2 can look forward to a new event coming soon! “Frosty Fest” is the next major Splatfest event to celebrate Christmas and the New Year! Those who played during the past event dubbed Splatoween can expect the same thing with this event alongside some special Holiday themed gear! Noticing a little chill… View Article
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[Opinion] Splatoon: A game changer for new Nintendo IPs and how its Success will Affect the Future of the Switch

 On the day Splatoon was first revealed, I was there, watching the E3 direct. I was excited for its release but, funnily enough, I never really got into it and only really put about 20 hours into it. Yet, the impact of a game like Splatoon, was far bigger than you would think it would be… View Article
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Splatoon 2: A 2017 Nintendo Switch Title (Nintendo Treehouse Live!)

In a surprising twist Splatoon is not being ported to the Nintendo Switch because instead of a port, we’re getting a full on sequel.
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