May is always a rather reflective time for all of us here at Miketendo64. It’s the month our humble little site first began in 2015 and we can’t help but look back over what we’ve done, think about the people we’ve interacted with and, then, of course, we start thinking about the future. So, on the subject of looking back, in one of our first reflective pieces, we’re highlighting every interview we have had the privilege to conduct this year, from the beginning of January to the end of April:

Get into the Game with Game Focused Interviews:

[Interview] Nightdive Studios on Bringing Back Classic Games (Part 1)

[Interview] Nightdive Studios on Reviving Shadow Man (Part 2)

[Interview] Nightdive And What Lies In Store Next (Part 3)

[Interview] Stickerb Games and Awakening Wekufu (#1)

[Interview] Stickerb Games And Kickstarting Wekufu (#2)

[Interview] Steve Mayles On Banjo-Kazooie Coming To Nintendo Switch Online + EP

[Interview] Learning More About Super Rare Originals With Ryan Brown

[Interview] Dreaming Up a Sequel with Bedtime Digital’s Figment 2

[Interview] Behind the Scenes with Dexter Stardust: Adventures in Outer Space

[Interview] Totally Quackers over Devoke’s QuaQua

[Interview] Battle Frames & Alien War Games with Blackwind

[Interview] Bringing Back FATAL FRAME with Keisuke Kikuchi

[Interview] Link’s Awakening 64: 7 Years in the Making

[Interview] Forget Me Not with Aztech Forgotten Gods & Lienzo

[Interview] X Marks the Spot with NAISU’s Mokoko X

[Interview] Baring all with Bare Butt Boxing

[Interview] Creating a Magical Combination with Kombinera

[Interview] Looking for the Meaning of Life with Ultreïa

[Interview] From Ultreïa to an Eventful 2022 with RedDeerGames

[Interview] Sailing into the Sunset with eastasiasoft and Seven Pirates H

[Interview] A Toadally Awesome time with Time on Frog Island

W.A.S.D Highlights:

Content Creator Spotlight:

[Interview] Learning To Be A Video Game Developer With Ignacio Molina

[Interview] Zelda Mods to Zelda Lives with Tyrone Anderson (#1)

[Interview] All Things Devoke Studio with Tyrone Anderson (#2)

[Interview] Mutch Games & Taking Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit To The Next Level

[Interview] Talking Xenoblade Chronicles Fan Art With Chascoby Art

Having been able to spend the last seven years being a part of the video game industry has been an absolute blessing and we are grateful for all that we have been able to achieve in that time. Here’s to another year of gaming delights!




By Jack Longman

In 2015, when rumours of the NX and Zelda U were everywhere, my brother and I started Miketendo64 and we've been running it ever since. As the Editor-in-Chief, I have attended video gaming events in three different countries, been to preview events, and penned more than 4,000 articles to date, ranging from news, to features, reviews, interviews and guides. I love gaming and I love all things Nintendo. I also love Networking, so don't be afaid to reach out. Email: / Website: YouTube channel:

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