Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a particular favorite of ours here at Miketendo64 and its iconic characters have a firm hold of our hearts. It is no lie the Pyra, Mythra, Nia and Poppi have a large following of fans and each have their fair share of fan art. In today’s interview, we talked with Chascoby, an anime artist who is making a name for themselves through social media for his artwork.
A lot of Chascoby’s work is focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 characters but it has since expanded to other game franchises include Atelier Ryza, Persona5, Digimon, and more.
Miketendo64: A nice easy question to start with. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Chascoby: Hey! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m Chascoby! I’m 29 years old and actually live in Spain. I’m now fully dedicated to drawing and improving my skills.
Miketendo64: Let’s talk about your art. How do you describe it? 
Chascoby: Yeah, my style is 100% anime style. I tried other styles in the past but my passion always has been related to the iconic Japanese anime style.
Miketendo64: A lot of the art you post is focused on characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. What is it about these characters that intrigue you so much?
Chascoby: Well, I played Xenoblade Chronincles 2 at release. It was my first contact with the saga but immediately fell in love with her character designs. I continued playing and the story, personalities and everything else blown my mind. A masterpiece.
Chascoby ART
Miketendo64: Aside from Mythra, Pyra, and the other ladies of XC2, you have also drawn art of other well-known video game characters. Are these other Favorite characters of yours or do you draw these upon requests of your followers?
Chascoby: Mostly I do it because I love it, so yeah, there’s always commissions I have to draw but the rest of the time I draw my favorite characters with no doubt.
Miketendo64: It would be safe to assume that you are a gamer due to where you seek inspiration from for your art. What are some of your favourite video games? (You can include XC2 in your list or not. This is not a problem)
Chascoby: Yeah sure. Gaming is one of my main passions. Metal Gear Solid saga, The Last of Us, The Legends of Zelda, and of course Xenoblade saga are only a few examples of my main games.
Chascoby ART
Miketendo64: As well as drawing art for your own interests, you also take on commissions as well. Could you explain the process a little more? Say, I wanted to commission a particular artwork. How would I contact you about that and what would you require to bring the commissioned art to life?
Chascoby: You can easily contact me for a commission by Twitter DM. You can check in my bio If I’m taking commissions at this time 🙂
Miketendo64: Most of your artwork you freely post to your Twitter account. However, you also have a Patreon account where you post exclusive artwork. What can people expect to find on your Patreon that they won’t see on your Twitter account?
Chascoby: Yeah! I have a Patreon where you can find all my art in high quality. Also, I post everything with early access, exclusive nsfw and variant versions and doodles/sketches.
Miketendo64: What are you aspiring to do with your art? Do you have a particular goal in mind like a full-on career or is it more of a passion project that you enjoy sharing with the masses?
Chascoby: Haha this one is difficult. I really don’t think about it too much. Actually, it’s a job for me but obviously I’m aspiring to reach more people while I improve and get a proper salary. But yeah, it is also my passion and will always be 🙂
Miketendo64: Your mainly share your art digitally through social media and Patreon. Have you thought about selling physical art prints as well?
Chascoby: Yes! In preparing myself to sell prints online because I have to check some points for shipping and sizes but by now, I’m only selling at conventions.
Miketendo64: As we are coming to a close on this interview, is there anything you would like to say to our readers and your followers?
Chascoby: Only want to thanks everyone for the support. You all on social media are helping me in reaching my dream. And of course, thank you Mike for this opportunity! It’s been a pleasure!
Thank you very much for reading our interview and we would also like to thank Chascoby for indulging us and taking part. If you would like to follow Chascoby and see more of his work, be sure to follow him on Twitter. As for becoming a patron to his Patreon page, you can find a link on Chascoby’s Twitter profile (we can’t share a direct link here due to the nature of the content as it conflicts with our website’s policy).
Until next time, keep on gaming!

By Mike Scorpio

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