Another week and another new batch of rumours, so if you would rather stay out of it, look away now. Or strap yourselves in and get comfy because it’s rumour time.Rumour Has It.jpg

Well today’s rumour concerns that of Mario Kart 8, and why? Because Nintendo UK have taken to Twitter to post the following tweet:


Sure this could merely be a means of blowing smoke and getting us all hyped and wanting to dig through our games and get Mario Kart 8 out again, but given as how it comes from Nintendo UK, I think it’s most likely something will come out from this, but what? It would be great if it was a 3rd dlc pack, or just a bunch of stages such as Kalimari Desert, which is already a stage in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 64. We could even see the likes of a Splatoon stage considering how much Nintendo likes to jam Splatoon down our throats, but then it is our own fault because we can’t get enough of them.


But the truth is, whatever content it could be, the fact is we just don’t know, all we have is speculations but I’m sorry to say, but a 3rd pack does seem doubtful, not because I believe Nintendo won’t do it, but simply because I think it might wind up being something more like the free Mercedes content we got back in 2014, but then there would be nothing wrong with content just like that, especially since we all love free dlc! And with no major Wii U games left waiting for us to get us through the rest of 2016, Mario Kart 8 dlc is one way of making us happy!


 Sadly though, even with E3 just around the corner and it emerging that Nintendo has more than just Zelda Wii U/NX to talk about, I doubt we’ll be seeing or hearing anything about this new Mario Kart 8 content there. Had the news come from Nintendo of America on Twitter, it would have been more likely, but being from Nintendo UK, I would have to say the reveal will happen at some other time and some other place.


But before I do bring this week’s Rumour Has It to a close, I suppose it is only fair to briefly go over the DigiTimes report that Mass Production of the NX, is to now be delayed until early 2017. Now let me start by saying if you want the full story, click here for the article written by my colleague, Mr Scorpio, as this will be no more than a general summary.

So DigiTimes reported that the NX mass production is to be delayed until next year, meaning where Nintendo once had 6 months left of this year to gear up the development for the release in March next year, it’s no longer going to happen, because Nintendo now want to include Virtual Reality functions and sure that may sound great, but is it really? Nintendo was the company that wasn’t on the VR bandwagon, but now they’ve joined up with the rest of them and given what Nintendo do with their games anyway, is Virtual Reality really necessary as they do a great job of shaping entire worlds around you anyway, but still as far as all this goes, we’ve only got DigiTimes’ word to go on, but if this is indeed true, then get ready for another NX/Zelda delay.

2.pngNow at this point, we would just like to remind you that all that everything seen above is purely speculation, so until any of it is confirmed to be true by Nintendo (whenever they finally decide to let us in, or just drunk enough to spill all,) we advise you to only take from this what you will and in no way accept this as solid fact, whilst it is nothing more than rumours and rumblings and should you wish to get all caught up with all the rumours, you can find all our regarding rumours below:


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Source: @NintendoUK (Twitter)

By Jack Longman

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