Another week and another new batch of rumours, so if you would rather stay out of it, look away now. Or strap yourselves in and get comfy because it’s rumour time and we have a brand new title image!

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With news of Disney Infinity being cancelled this week and Disney Interactive no longer publishing titles, details have emerged regarding plans that were in place for Disney Infinity and just when we could have expected to see Disney Infinity 4.0 released. Details brought to us via Kotaku who got in touch with two insider sources close to the project.

The new details reveal that Disney Infinity 4.0 was to release next year and feature a story that would entwine the adventures of characters from Star Wars, Marvel and Disney universe. There was also going to be a change of pace because instead of the usual 4 inch figurines we’re used to, there was going to be a line of 12 inch figurines for the new title. These figurines were said to be of the more popular characters such as Darth Vader, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear and Jack Skellington. Each one would have set you back $45 dollars and would be far more detailed than any Disney Infinity figure we’ve seen before and would differently for the new game. As for just what kind of materials/set we could have seen for it, scroll down:


  • Cars 3
  • Star Wars Episode VIII
  • Pirate’s of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,
  • Coco,
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Also revealed in the piece, which we recommend checking out for the full scoop, was the revelation that it was the likes of overproducing figurines that just didn’t sell, but also competition from the likes of Star Wars: Battlefront. It is a blow to see something like this to happen to a giant like Disney, but the video game industry can be a very cruel and harsh place and Disney Interactive have learned that the hard way.


Now at this point, we would just like to remind you that everything seen above comes from sources who worked on the project and although what they said could very well be true, until otherwise confirmed to be true. We advise you to only take from this what you will and in no way accept this as solid fact, whilst it is nothing more than rumours and rumblings and should you wish to get all caught up with all the rumours, you can find our all our posts regarding  rumours below:


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Source: Kotaku

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