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Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!

Konami have just released a Press Release announcing the new Free DLC that is now available to download for Super Bomberman R on Nintendo Switch. Update version 1.3 officially confirms 4 new stages, 2 new accessories and the ability to change the enemy AI difficulty settings along with other tweaks and changes. You can see the press release below. Continue reading Super Bomberman R Free DLC Now Available!


Get Ready for Battle! Minecraft’s New Mini-Game is Coming!

If you are looking forwards to the new and free Battle Mini Game that’s coming to Minecraft, you’re in luck because we have both the release date and the latest trailer for it! Continue reading Get Ready for Battle! Minecraft’s New Mini-Game is Coming!

Sheldon’s Picks Vol.2 (and Update Version 2.8.0) Out Now!

We’ve waited long enough and now we don’t have to wait any more as the latest free Splatoon update is out, along with Sheldon’s Picks Vol.2 so if you haven’t grabbed it yet, what are you waiting for? Continue reading Sheldon’s Picks Vol.2 (and Update Version 2.8.0) Out Now!

Lost Reavers, a Version 2.0.0 Story

The free-to-play multiplayer hasn’t been nearly as popular as it should have been and for gamers who are still playing the title since it came out back in April, but have started to get bored of it, well an all-new update is out. Continue reading Lost Reavers, a Version 2.0.0 Story

Celebrate the Release of Legends DLC in Style!

Today is the day owners of the both versions of Hyrule Warriors, can get their very own Medli as part of a free update, which is out already in Japan, and will also become available in other territories as the day progresses. It’s also the day the first dlc Pack for Legends comes out, but that’s not all!

Continue reading Celebrate the Release of Legends DLC in Style!

Minecraft Mario in Action (Footage)

Tomorrow Minecraft will be getting it’s free Mario Mash-up update so while Minecraft Wii U gamers wait for that, we have footage of what you can expect to see from the new content which you can catch right here:

Continue reading Minecraft Mario in Action (Footage)

UPDATE: Medli & Master Wind Waker Pack Confirmed to Release May 19th (Europe & Japan)

Koei Tecmo kicked it off earlier today by confirming the release date of new dlc for Hyrule Warriors Legends next week for Japan and now so have Nintendo of Europe!


We have yet to hear from Nintendo of America, but given as how both Japan & Europe are to see arrival of the first dlc pack for Legends on the 19th of May, it’s a given that North America will see the dlc release sometime between the evening of the 18th and anytime during the 19th of May. Regardless of whether or not you own Legends and did or did not purchase the dlc for Legends, Medli will be available free to gamers who own either version of Hyrule Warriors.

Thanks to Koei Tecmo, we already have the Japanese trailer of the update and dlc, but Nintendo of Europe have provided us an English version too, which can both be viewed here:

As part of the dlc those who did buy it and own a copy of Legends, will have access to a new map, provided they have progressed enough through Adventure Mode to unlock it. For more information on all Hyrule Warriors Legends dlc, be sure to click here.


Source: Nintendo of Europe (Twitter) & KOEITECMOofficial (YouTube)


Minecraft is About to Get a Whole Load of Mario!

Great news Minecraft fans, not only is the physical version of the game set to release on the 16th of June in North America, at the cost of $29.99 which is the same as its eShop counterpart, but before then, there is a huge update that’s one the way! Continue reading Minecraft is About to Get a Whole Load of Mario!

Get Ready for Medli!

As we move into the last week of April, we are now just weeks away from the first dlc release for Hyrule Warriors Legends, but do not despair owners of the Wii U game, because although you may not be able to get the pack, at least you can get the free fighter Medli!

Armed with a harp, Medli is ready to do battle on both 3DS and Wii U systems so if you’re wondering just what kind of a fighter she is, then be sure to watch the footage below:


No release date has yet been given regarding the release of Medli, (other than available Late Spring,) but it will go hand in hand with the release of the Master Wind Waker Pack. A pack which comes with the “Master” Wind Waker Map (basically the Great Sea Map but done in its very own Master Quest fashion,) which will possess 16 new My Fairy costume pieces for you to obtain, but also feature a new adventure battle scenario. There’s even a few new costumes as well, just for your Warriors!  So although this dlc pack be cheap, it certainly is more than worth the price!




Then again, what more could we expect from one of Nintendo’s games that does dlc the right way? Every pack in the Wii U version was value for money and Legends’ very own dlc is not different and with packs such as the Link’s Awakening Pack, where we can get Marin as a fighter and an A Link Between Worlds Pack where two fighters are available, there certainly is a lot to be excited about, so in your own words, what Hyrule Warriors Legends future content are you most excited about? Be sure to let us know!



Source: Nintendo

At Last! Super Mario Maker gets checkpoints and more.

Nov 4th will be the bringer of good news as Nintendo releases a free software update for Super Mario Maker that includes checkpoints (by shaking the arrow tool), status dependent items (like placing a mushroom on top of a fireflower and putting them both in a box so that if Mario hits it when he is small, he will get a mushroom and a fireflower if he is big) and a new category in course world “Event Courses” where you can play special event courses to unlock new costumes. Nintendo have also created an Official Mario Maker Courses option in the ‘Makers’ section of course world. On top of that there is an extra even more challenging version of the Gnat Attack minigame if you keep shaking the Muncher plant until the huge Gnat comes out. I know I am definitely thrilled about this new update. I hope you guys and girls are too!