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Tomorrow Minecraft will be getting it’s free Mario Mash-up update so while Minecraft Wii U gamers wait for that, we have footage of what you can expect to see from the new content which you can catch right here:

For gamers who were or are still on the shelf with regards to getting Minecraft, has this footage of the game and the new update in action, been enough to give the game a try, or are you still on the fence? For those who were on the fence, but want the game now, at this very moment, Minecraft: Wii U Edition is only available in the eShop.

However if you are in the United States and can’t wait one whole month, then you’ll be able to buy the newly released retail version which costs $29.99 dollars. (Exactly the same price as the digital version.) The retail version will come with the Mario Mash-uo already on it, so there will be no need to download it.


Source: BeatEmUps (YouTube)

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