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*Spoiler Warning! The subject matter of this video and associated article, is not something you should read/watch should you wish to avoid any kind of Breath of the Wild related Spoiler.

Since Aonuma said Epona is in Breath of the Wild, we have all been wondering how it is we would encounter Link’s trusted steed and what must happen to make it so. Well, Eurogamer have made a fascinating discovery and that is the fact that the Super Smash Bros. Link amiibo can in fact be used to summon the horse in Breath of the Wild and if you have the time to spare, the can see a video of this discovery in action:

Unfortunately, right now this is the only known means of encountering Epona in the new title, but since amiibo in Breath of the Wild are meant to add to the experience and help players get some cool items and weapons, there is a good chance there is a natural way of finding Epona that doesn’t involve amiibo.

Epona Horse Of Legend.png

Source: Eurogamer (YouTube)

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