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Hey folks, it’s time for our weekly news round-up! So obviously, straight out of the bag is the Nintendo Direct, which aired on September 4th for US and UK (September 5th for everywhere else) and announced many new games coming to the Nintendo Switch. It also officially confirmed games that were rumoured shortly before, like the Overwatch Switch carry case being listed and suddenly pulled from Amazon. A similar thing happened with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed Rogue for Switch as well.

Though we could make this article all about the direct, we already covered that in our recap, which if you want to give it a read, you can find it here. Instead, we are going to continue with the other news that may have got snowed under from the weight of the Nintendo Direct.

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Nintendo America have just shared a bizarre tweet of a new device that uses the Switch Joy-Con. It seems to point towards a new fitness-focused accessory and potentially a “Switch Fit” game could be on the way as well. More details is to be shared on September 12th so be sure to check out Social media that day for more information.

Source: Nintendo America (Twitter)

SNES Nintendo Switch Online

While the SNES – Nintendo Switch Online was announced during the Nintendo Direct, what wasn’t mentioned was that while new games will still be added to the SNES – NSO and NES – NSO libraries, they will no longer be coming on a regular, monthly basis. According to the website, new games will not be added on a scheduled basis and will be added irregularly. This might be to alternate between both the NES and SNES titles as they continue to add to both services.

SNES - Nintendo Switch Online


Celeste will be receiving its final update on September 9th. The last chapter titled ‘Chapter 9: Farewell’ will be free for all platforms and can be accessed after completing Chapter 8. There will have 100 more levels to play and will introduce new items and mechanics. There will be no B-side or C-side for this chapter.

w update for Celeste finally has an update. Chapter 9: Farewell launches September 9, developer Extremely OK Games announced today.

Here are the full details:

  • Chapter 9: Farewell is a new story chapter for Celeste, releasing 9/9/2019 for free on all platforms*.
  • It contains 100+ new levels, bringing the game’s total to over 800!
  • Over 40 minutes of new music from Lena Raine. (Purchase the soundtrack on Bandcamp!)
  • There’s several brand new mechanics and items to discover and play with.
  • Reconnect with beloved characters for a final goodbye.
  • This chapter doesn’t have a B- or C-Side.
  • To unlock it, simply complete Chapter 8.

Source: Extremely OK Games

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Kit & Krysta are back with a new episode of Nintendo Minute. In the episode, the two got to play co-op of a new section in Luigi’s Mansion 3 whilst at PAX West last weekend. The two are also joined by the Creative Director of Next Level Games, Bryce Holliday. Holliday provided commentary while Kit & Krysta worked together as Luigi and Gooigi to solve the solve of the many puzzles in the game.

Source: Nintendo America (YouTube)

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Yacht Club Games have announced a Gold Shovel Knight amiibo will be releasing in December. The Gold Shovel Knight amiibo will do all the same things as the original Shovel Knight amiibo. It will also release alongside the Treasure Trove 3-pack amiibo.

We have the full details here:

Scanning the Gold Edition Shovel Knight amiibo will allow you to access all of the same great modes as the original, ground-breaking, Shovel Knight amiibo.

– Custom Knight – A crazy fun way to play Shovel of Hope! Level up by collecting gold and unlock new moves, costumes, and more!
– Co-op challenge stages in Shovel of Hope
– Baron Set costume for Shovel Knight Showdown
– Fairy of Shovelry in any Shovel Knight game

This makes it a perfect choice if you always wanted to try out these great additions but were never quite able to track down the original Shovel Knight!

Gold Shovel Knight amiibo

Source: Yacht Club Games

Nintendo have launched a new website dedicated to all things The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch. Here you can find information on some of the locations in the game and a details on the kind of activities to get sidetracked with during your visit to Kolohint Island. You can check out the Website here.

Source: Nintendo America PR

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