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“NES Mini Production is Set To Continue” Says Nintendo

Following yesterday’s scare/rumour that NES Mini production is coming to an end, due to a claim that Bergsala (a Nordic distributor) has said that Nintendo has ended production and final shipments would take place in Spring, Nintendo of Europe are now saying that is not the case. Continue reading “NES Mini Production is Set To Continue” Says Nintendo


New Nintendo Switch & NES Mini Accessories by snakebyte

When you buy a console, it’s the first in many things you will buy. Because then you need to buy games and accessories and while the Nintendo Switch presentation has yet to happen, some accessories for the Switch has already hit the internet.

8-switch-screen-shield-1483493172072_765w Continue reading New Nintendo Switch & NES Mini Accessories by snakebyte

Nintendo Switch & NES Classic Edition Most Searched Videogame Console On Google For 2016

Beating off the likes of the PS4 or Playstation VR, The Nintendo Switch which was only named October of this year and the NES Classic Edition in the Summer, have been the most searched for Videogames consoles on Google with the swtich coming in first and the NES Mini in second.

The actual list was based on Consumer electronics which can be seen below which is mainly made up of smartphones, and most of them are iPhones, but videogame console wise, the Switch and NES Mini reign supreme over the Titans that are Sony by being the most searched for terms for the videogame market. Looks like Nintendo are are on their way back up, fingers crossed that 2017 will be their year to get back into the arms race of Gaming consoles.

Here is the full list of consumer electronics below:

  1. iPhone SE
  2. iOS 10
  3. Google Pixel
  4. iPhone 7 Plus
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. iPhone 7
  7. NES Classic Edition
  8. Galaxy S7
  9. Playstation VR
  10. PS4 Pro

Source: Venture Beat

My Nintendo gets a Makeover (Video Below)

For anyone who didn’t like the look of My Nintendo before, then you might want to check it out today, because the website is rocking a whole new look.

The two boxes that contained Platinum Points is now one single jar, holding all of the coins, Missions is now replaced with Earn Points. Other changes also include your mischievous Mii will get up to a whole ton of things, which include playing on a NES, Playing on a 3DS, or even going fishing. Continue reading My Nintendo gets a Makeover (Video Below)

Hands On with “Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics”

Prima Games have just released a book in celebration of the NES Classic edition titled “Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics”. Mike gets hands on with this book and shows you what lies on its pages. From original articles from the Nintendo Power Magazine to full guides on 17 of the 30 available games on the NES Classic Edition. But why write about it when we can show you in our feature video below!

Want to get your hands on the book? You can order it from Amazon via the link below.
Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics

NES Classic Mini: First Impressions

Where do I start writing my first impressions about the NES Mini? In fact I don’t think I can do it justice with words and letters alone so instead I have done a video which I think is more suitable for what it is I am giving my first impressions on. You can check out my first impressions video on the NES Mini below.

NES Classic Gameplays

Hi Guys & Girls, Mike Scorpio Here! Sorry I have not been around very much, I have been working on a new series of videos called NES Classic Gameplays for our YouTube Channel. In a nutshell, I demo each of the 30 games on the NES Classic Mini from Balloon Fight up to Zelda II in bitsize 10 minutes or so videos so all you lovely viewers can see what each game has to offer in terms of gameplay and story!

Each Video is uploaded everyday at 1:00pm GMT and has started on November 25th. With 30 games on the NES Classic, that means there will be 30 videos in total leading us straight into Christmas time. All videos are in alphabetical order which will hopefully give you an idea of when you can expect a particular game you are interesed in. Hoping for Super Mario? That might be a couple of weeks yet, Looking for some Double Dragon action? You can expect that sometime this week.

I hope you all enjoy these videos and you can check them out as they are uploaded via our YouTube Playlist or even right here! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to help support us further and slide the alerts toggle to ON so you never miss a video!