When you buy a console, it’s the first in many things you will buy. Because then you need to buy games and accessories and while the Nintendo Switch presentation has yet to happen, some accessories for the Switch has already hit the internet.

Not only do snakebyte have two Switch related accessories that consist of a foldable headset and a starter kit, but they have two accessories for the NES Mini as well and here is an overview on all four items:

  • Nintendo Switch Foldable Headset: Ideal for on-the-go gaming, the Foldable Headset features powerful 40mm drivers for crisp, clear gaming audio. Neatly folds up when travelling, making it the perfect companion to your Switch tablet.


  • Nintendo Switch Starter Kit: Featuring all the essential accessories a gamer could ask for, the Starter Kit features a Carry Bag, Stereo Earbuds, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protector, Control Caps and Game Cases to allow for an enhanced gaming experience and protection for the tablet screen and games.
  • Nintendo NES Classic Edition Power Adapter: The NES Classic Edition is cleverly powered via USB, however sometimes a convenient USB power source is simply unavailable. The NES Classic Edition Power Adaptor accepts the USB cord from the console and allows users to draw power from any regular power outlet.


  • Nintendo NES Classic Edition Extension Cable: Gamers love the authentic NES gamepad but are saddened at the short length of the cable. The NES Classic Edition Gamepad Extension Cable makes couch play a reality once again, instantly adding a generous 9.8 feet to your NES gamepad length!

For anyone looking to pick up these items, it’s stated: “the new range of Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition accessories will be available to view via appointment only at CES 2017 via the snakebyte booth, South Hall 1, 21666.”

Source: invisioncommunity.co.uk


By Jack Longman

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