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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Review

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Download Data Size, amiibo Support, Nintendo Switch Online Required For Online Services

Download codes have begun to go on Sale in Japan for Fire Emblem: Three Houses. On the back of the Download card, it reveals the download size for the game as well as amiibo support. It is not specified as to what the amiibo will do not has there been any new amiibo announced for… View Article
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Miketendo64 2019 Giveaway Roadmap Announcement

E3 2019 is now behind us and now it’s time to look towards what is coming out this year. There are a lot of games for Switch and for the next 6 months we will be giving away one game a month. We begin with Super Mario Maker 2 for June and so on. We… View Article
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New Information For Fire Emblem: Three Houses Revealed

The lastest scans from Famitsu have revealed a bunch of new info for the lastest entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. BlackKite has provided a translation of the latest batch of information via Twitter. Here is the new information for Fire Emblem: Three Houses that what was revealed: Two enemies : Death God Knight,… View Article
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Details

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Japanese Website Now Open

Nintendo has launched a new Japanese website for one of their biggest games of the year, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, just in time to promote the game which will be releasing two months from now on July 26th. The website features new artwork for the game, displaying some of the featured characters.     Fire… View Article
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Force in Unison Gaming Reacts to the Nintendo Direct – February 2019

In what seemed like one of the most unbearable periods of times since the last Nintendo Direct (really, three months without a Direct will do nasty things to your psyche), Nintendo fans have been desperate to have any type of news trickle down the internet. The good news is that we can finally put a… View Article
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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is not being Localised by 8-4

In a turn of events that might disappoint Fire Emblem fans, the Shibuya, Tokyo based 8-4, have revealed on Twitter that they are not involved with the localisation of 2019’s Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch, but they are looking forward to playing it. Lots of folks asking if we’re working on Fire Emblem:… View Article
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