The lastest scans from Famitsu have revealed a bunch of new info for the lastest entry in the Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem: Three HousesBlackKite has provided a translation of the latest batch of information via Twitter. Here is the new information for Fire Emblem: Three Houses that what was revealed:

  • Two enemies : Death God Knight, a knight that has been rumored to be abducting people every night. We also have the Flame Emperor, A mysterious figure who seems to have ordered bandits to attack academy students
  • While all classes will enjoy the same end of month story battle, it appears that certain classes will offer more background details surronding the fight.
  • The link attack can be triggered if there are other allies who have the same enemies in their attack range. The main attacking unit will get accuracy and evasion bonuses. Certain pairings will add more damage and you’ll also get more support points.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

  • Once your character has reached  acertain grade of Guidance Level, assigning adjutants to characters will be available. This works like the Pair-Up feature from previous games. The adjutant will able to attack, defend, or heal the main unit. As the support level grows higher with the adjutant and the main unit, the adjutant will be more effective in battle. Adjutants will also gain experience points and be able to level up. This is useful for leveling up weaker units.
  • Having a key item or a unit with the lockpick skill will be able to open up chests or doors.
  • Bridges will be present in the maps and can be lowered or raised from one side.
  • Enemies that can drop items are marked with a green item icon.
  • The Lord class is returning but only Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri can have it. They’ll gain the skill charisma which raises a nearby allie’s attack damage by 3.


  • Once again, the pegasus knights class will be female only.
  • There’s a skip button that’ll let you skip to date of your choosing. Any actions and improvents will be decided automatically.
  •  By opening the menu using the R button, you’ll be able to see where some characters are and fast travel to previously visited locations.
  • You’ll be able to talk to teachers and students not only from your class but from other classes. Picking the right selections during conversations will gain you support points.

New Information For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

  • There will be quest boards that feature sidequests, for more details on a specific quest, you’ll need to ask the quest giver. Some of these quests include optional battles or visiting a specific location. Completing some of these quests may give you exclusive rewards.
  • Other teachers will be able to train your main character, in exchange for movement points, you’ll be able to level up your main character’s ability level.
  • There’s a fishing minigame, caught fish can be used as cooking ingredients or can be sold.
  • Similar to Fire Emblem Fates, you can cook by having one of your allies cook alongside you. The food temporarily augments of all your allie’s stats. You’ll also gain support points with the ally you cooked with.
  • By inviting two characters to dine with you, support points will be gained between the three of you. Also certain characters will have certain food preferences. You can dine with teachers and students from other classes but only students from your class will gain a raise in motivation.

New Information For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

  • You can plant seeds in the greenhouse, which can be have various uses. Crops for example can be used as ingredients for cooking while flowers can be used as gifts for characters. The harvest amount will depend on the growing method.
  • Your character will able to hold extra classes on Sundays for up to six students to help improve some of their ability levels. You can even join in on the fun by becoming a student and improving your own ability levels. New skills can be learnt this way
  • With the sorties map, you can engage in optional sorties where your characters will be able to participate in free battles to gain experience. In this map, story quest battles will also appear. Some battles on normal difficulty will not require sortie points, this enable you to do more battles.
  • Side stories/ paralogues can also be found on this map though they are available for a limited time only. They may require you to use mandatory characters but they’ll also get you some character exclusive rewards.
  • By using the Rest option, you’ll be able to not do anything on weekends. This will increase motivation for your students during the following week. Motivation represents the amount of times a character can level up.

New Information For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

That’s it from this batch of news! Hopefully we’ll go even more information during or afert E3 before the game lauches on July 26th.


Source: BlackKite (Twitter) / Famitsu

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