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A Brazilian gamer with a great love for playing Nintendo games, and a hobby of writing about his gaming experiences and thoughts.

Even though that is what I mainly do for fun, I also love listening to music (especially rock) and watching movies (especially animations), so also expect a few posts on those matters.

Sonic Colors Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Although it does not reach the earth-shattering quality levels of the best platformers of its generation, it shows there is hope for 3-D Sonic games, which may be far more significant Watching Sonic struggle through the 3-D gaming era is a lot like watching an aging…

Hey! Pikmin Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Instead of being filed along franchise detours that took characters out of their comfort zone only to reach spectacular and worthy results, Pikmin’s journey out of its original realm ends up being rather unimpressive Taking iconic characters out of the comfort zone into which they were…

Splatoon 2 Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
While it does not have quite enough to define its own traits, and even though it inherits all of the negative quirks of its predecessor, Splatoon 2 is irresistable Regardless of the internal expectations Nintendo held in relation to Splatoon, one thing is almost certain: not…

Forgiving the Unforgivable

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Relationships are an awfully complicated matter. By managing to affect our emotions in ways we sometimes did not even know were possible, they make us feel like heaven even when the slightest details click together, but – at the same time – a tiny mishap may cause a…

ARMS Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
It does not achieve universal appeal by a mindless dumbing down of the fighting genre, but via its reconstruction with small bricks, amounting to a structure that is far more than its individual parts let on Turning originally inscrutable gaming genres into items that are appealing…

Snake Pass Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
It breaks away from the mold by forcing players – quite literally – to think and move like a snake, altering the way with which problems that are nearly as old as gaming itself need to be approached Ever since a frustrated Mario traveled between castles…

E3 2017: Thoughts and Words

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
If during E3 2016 Nintendo did not have much to show other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was pretty understandable given the colossal impact the game had, E3 2017 was a quite different scenario. Looking to power the Switch through its…

Snipperclips Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Snipperclips is a launch title with a Nintendo touch for a Nintendo platform; it is hard to ask for any more than that Two anthropomorphic popsicle shaped sheets of paper running around simple scenarios that completely fit onto a small screen while trying to solve puzzles…

Mario Party 2 Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Mario Party 2 is a game that gives players way more tools to mess with their dearest friends than its predecessor did, something that will inevitably work, at some point, both for and against all players regardless of their level of expertise Given the original Mario…

Okami Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Despite Okami’s undeniable visual qualities and artistic achievements, the game is able to build a journey so well-constructed and masterfully written that its greatest beauty is not of the superficial kind, but exists in a level that is emotional and borderline spiritual Being in the right…

Little King’s Story Review

Originally posted on Nintendobound:
Being king is certainly no easy task, but Little King’s Story makes it a whole lot of fun Ever since the dawn of the Nintendo 64 era, one stigma has been following Nintendo incessantly: the one that claims the company has a hard time garnering third-party support.…