Hands On with “Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics”

Prima Games have just released a book in celebration of the NES Classic edition titled “Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics”. Mike gets hands on with this book and shows you what lies on its pages. From original articles from the Nintendo Power Magazine to full guides on 17 of the 30 available games on the NES Classic Edition. But why write about it when we can show you in our feature video below!

Want to get your hands on the book? You can order it from Amazon via the link below.
Playing With Power: Nintendo NES Classics


NES Classic Mini: First Impressions

Where do I start writing my first impressions about the NES Mini? In fact I don’t think I can do it justice with words and letters alone so instead I have done a video which I think is more suitable for what it is I am giving my first impressions on. You can check out my first impressions video on the NES Mini below.

NES Classic Gameplays

Hi Guys & Girls, Mike Scorpio Here! Sorry I have not been around very much, I have been working on a new series of videos called NES Classic Gameplays for our YouTube Channel. In a nutshell, I demo each of the 30 games on the NES Classic Mini from Balloon Fight up to Zelda II in bitsize 10 minutes or so videos so all you lovely viewers can see what each game has to offer in terms of gameplay and story!

Each Video is uploaded everyday at 1:00pm GMT and has started on November 25th. With 30 games on the NES Classic, that means there will be 30 videos in total leading us straight into Christmas time. All videos are in alphabetical order which will hopefully give you an idea of when you can expect a particular game you are interesed in. Hoping for Super Mario? That might be a couple of weeks yet, Looking for some Double Dragon action? You can expect that sometime this week.

I hope you all enjoy these videos and you can check them out as they are uploaded via our YouTube Playlist or even right here! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to help support us further and slide the alerts toggle to ON so you never miss a video!

Zelda You: Our Stories Issue #13 (27th of November 2016)

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of Zelda You: Our Stories, our now bi-weekly regular feature series that is all about two things, our love for Zelda and our love for talking about Zelda. We already kicked the series off with staff stories, but now that the Miketendo64 staff have had their say, we’re sharing the stories that You have sent in to us, so what are we waiting for? It’s time to begin!

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(Rumour) Big Update Coming For Pokémon GO! Trainer Battles, Trading and Gen 2 Pokémon

Apparently, Niantic Labs is reported to be planning a huge Pokémon Go update sometime in December that will finally give players what they’ve been asking for since the release of the App, Trainer Battles and Trading .

It is also rumoured that the update will also include more than 100 new Pokémon, both normal and legendary, and will also be able to raise your Pokémon Tamagotchi style, after the eggs hatch. This information was found via an analysis of Pokémon Go’s code by people associated with web scanner PokeVS. If this turns out to be true than Pokémon Go  could be making an impressive comeback during the holiday season (Wrap up warm kids!). Mew & Mewtwo are among the Legendary Pokémon that are due to make an appearance in the game.

What do you think about this rumor becoming true? Do you think its great for the long awaited trading and trainer battles to finally come to the gae or do you think it is too little, too late? Let us know in the comments below!


Ratalaika Games Presents: New Plantera for 3DS Footage & Price Tag

We’ve had photos teased, but now that the porting of Plantera to Nintendo platforms is almost over, Ratalaika Games have uploaded 3DS footage of the game in action and we’ve got it right here: Continue reading Ratalaika Games Presents: New Plantera for 3DS Footage & Price Tag

Wario Amiibo Battle Review

Kuribo examines Wario’s two Amiibo, including the new Super Mario one, to determine which one is the best figure.


As much fun as Diddy Kong was to review, I’m equally excited to bring you a review of the new Wario Amiibo facing off against the older Smash Brothers one.  Nintendo has perhaps played it a bit safe when it comes to Amiibo variations and alternate costumes for their figures and Wario is a nice exception to that.  You get two very different looks for one great character.  I’ve been a big Wario fan for many years which makes me extremely excited for this review.  After all, who doesn’t feel a bit lazy and yet want to be rich like Wario always does?  Let’s find out which one of these figures is worth your hard earned gold coins if you can only buy one!

wario smash brothers super mario amiiboPackaging – One area where it is hard to separate these two Amiibo is the box art.  Smash Bros. Wario has a really nice color that…

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Sun & Moon Fever Comes to the Nintendo Badge Arcade (Europe & North America)

Pokémon Sun & Moon fever has gripped the world and even the Nintendo Badge Arcade can’t escape it! In fact the fever is so bad that the Arcade Bunny has taken it upon himself to learn his own Z-Move and now he can do three! Continue reading Sun & Moon Fever Comes to the Nintendo Badge Arcade (Europe & North America)

November 2016: Free Gift of Rupees & Food (A Hyrule Warriors Legends SpotPass Gift)

If there was any worry that the SpotPass gifts for Hyrule Warriors Legends would cease now that the final dlc pack is available now, for this month at least we can put those fears to one side.

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Walkies with Undodog (A Super Mario Maker Event Course)

Walkies with Undodog? More like deep sea exploration with Undodog! Then again, when is anything ever simple in the Mushroom Kingdom? Continue reading Walkies with Undodog (A Super Mario Maker Event Course)

Paper Mario Review

With Intelligent Systems by its side, Nintendo does the impossible: it uses the same source material the RPG masters of Square had at their disposal in the building of Super Mario RPG, and finds a way to topple that legendary adventure on its own playing field.


Supported by creative writing, engaging exploration, and simple yet deep RPG elements, Paper Mario topples its legendary predecessor 

paper_mario2Before Paper Mario, the titular plumber had already gone through quite an experience in the role-playing realm, albeit in a much less flat state. By the hands of Squaresoft, masters of the genre, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars transformed the Mushroom Kingdom from the curious background scenario of platforming antics into a fully explorable place packed with talking characters, towns, turn-based battles, stats, and leveling up opportunities. Still, even if Paper Mario did not set out to navigate through uncharted waters, it was a challenge; after all, without Squaresoft to take the reins of the project, it was up to Nintendo and Intelligent Systems to jump into the RPG format – a new undertaking for both companies – and produce a worthy successor to the Super Nintendo classic.

As beginners…

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The Wii U Game I Must Have Ported to the Switch

If rumors are to be believed, it seems that the Mario Kart and Splatoon titles heading for the Nintendo Switch aren’t entirely new entries, but enhanced ports of their Wii U editions.

This may come as a disappointment to some, but I think there’s a bright side to this. It’s true that the ports may be done to get some quality titles onto the Switch early on, but I think it’s also something of a testament to both the longevity of Nintendo’s titles, and the quality the Wii U brought to Nintendo’s franchises (seriously, the games were great! Why didn’t they sell more?). I’ve long since stated that Mario Kart 8 is the best entry in the long-running series, and if Nintendo fixed the battle mode and added some better character selections, it would pretty much be perfect. So if the Switch Mario Kart is just that, I’ll have no complaints.

Point being, while I would like to see some sequels to a number of Wii U games on the Switch, I’m also all for enhanced ports, provided they make some meaningful changes to the titles. But there is one Wii U game I’d love to see get an enhanced Switch port more than any others.

No, it’s not Super Smash Bros. It’s not Xenoblade Chronicles X. It’s not Pikmin 3. Those are all great games, and seeing them ported to the Switch would also be great.  But the Wii U game I most want to see get an enhanced port on the Switch is none other than…



Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze!


Pretty much anyone who knows me or reads anything I write should know that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is my favorite Wii U game, and one of my favorite Nintendo games of all time. Retro Studio’s Donkey Kong Country Returns was a fantastic return to form for DKC, but Tropical Freeze cranked everything up to all new levels.

The level design was some of the most creative ever seen in any game of any genre, the gameplay additions (such as Dixie and Cranky) were terrific and meaningful, and the soundtrack (composed by the legendary David Wise) is one of the finest in gaming history. Simply put, it was one Hell of a platformer.

DKCTFDespite its quality, Tropical Freeze was only a modest success. Perhaps partly due to the Wii U’s overall lackluster sales, and partly due to Nintendo fans (astoundingly) being disappointed at the game’s initial reveal, instead wishing for a new Metroid title from Retro Studios (because apparently one DKC from Retro was enough, but three Metroids weren’t???). No matter the case, the game sold decently enough, but doesn’t even rank as one of the Wii U’s 10 best-selling games. And despite getting strong reviews upon its release, it basically went under the radar from there, winning very few awards and rarely ranking nearly high enough on lists of best Wii U games.

This is a crying shame, not just because of the game’s immense quality, but also because it all but ensured that it never received any DLC or significant updates in a generation when Nintendo finally embraced such concepts.

Granted, a fantastic game stands on its own merits, and doesn’t need any additional content (just look at all the SNES greats). But considering that the Wii U was the console that saw Nintendo regularly update titles, often with significant additions (such as with Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, and Super Mario Maker), this really felt like a missed opportunity.

Though Tropical Freeze was a substantial improvement on the already-great Donkey Kong Country Returns, it still stands at being two whole worlds shorter. Once again, I prefer quality to quantity, and would prefer a shorter game with more polish and creativity than a lengthier one that features less in those departments. But how great would it have been to see additional stages, or even additional worlds, added to Tropical Freeze? What about extra modes, more secrets, or additional animal buddies?

Looking back, it seems like Nintendo and Retro Studios could have done something for the game post-release.

Now, I would absolutely love to see what Retro Studios could do if they were to make a third Donkey Kong Country title of their own. But since they’ve already announced that their next game (sadly) has nothing to do with DK, that’s off the table (hopefully we’ll get another DKC down the road at some point).

DKCTFSo if we won’t be seeing a new Retro Studios DKC anytime soon on the Switch, the next best thing would be for Tropical Freeze to make its way onto the console/handheld hybrid with some additional bells and whistles. This may not be entirely likely (again, the game was only a modest success), but if there’s one Wii U game I’d want to revisit on the Switch above all others, it’s definitely this one (okay, I suppose Mario Maker has a ton of potential, but Tropical Freeze was my favorite, okay?!).

Maybe with Retro working on another title, a different studio could handle a potential port, while adding new features to the process? Or perhaps Retro could cook up some brand new stages for the game as a side project? I don’t know, I’m just throwing ideas. All I know is I would absolutely love for this to happen.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is one of my favorite Nintendo games of all time. And you can never have too much of a great game. If Nintendo is really going to enhance some of the Wii U’s best games and bring them over to the Switch, it would be a perfect opportunity to make one of their greatest releases in recent memory all the more special.

They may have missed the opportunity to add more levels, bosses and gameplay additions to Tropical Freeze with DLC or updates. But hey, better late than never, right?

While we’re at it, can we also get the Tropical Freeze soundtrack on CD or something? That would be wonderful.


A Chilling Battle in The Frozen World! Episode 14 of Pokémon Generations Is Out Now!

It’s not Friday and yet for some reason The Official Pokémon Channel over on YouTube, has uploaded the 14th episode of Pokémon Generations early! But instead of questioning it, let’s throw on a jumper, fire up the radiator and get ready for a chilling battle as the latest episode is set in The Frozen World: Continue reading A Chilling Battle in The Frozen World! Episode 14 of Pokémon Generations Is Out Now!

No Longer Denied, you can Now Catch Ditto in Pokémon GO!

After being just discoverable data in the update files for Pokémon GO, Ditto is now obtainable and reports are coming in already! Continue reading No Longer Denied, you can Now Catch Ditto in Pokémon GO!

Release Date Reveal for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is Imminent

From the moment Shanta: Half-Genie Hero was delayed back in October, it was often wondered when we will see it close and while we may not have a release date yet, we are very close to getting one. Continue reading Release Date Reveal for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is Imminent


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