“Well Excuse Me Princess” Makes a Comeback!

Still buzzing with latest Hyrule Warriors news and Classic Costume, I can’t help but be struck with déjà vu, surely I’m not the only one  to have noticed that our Hero doesn’t just look like a previous incarnation because of the uniform, but looks like a dead ringer for the vocal Hero from the actual animated series? Guess “Excuuuuuse me Princess, is making a comeback.” Well it’s about Time!!!


Link Receives Classic Tunic In Hyrule Warriors With Free Update (1.7.0)

To celebrate the announcement of Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS, Link can receive the classic Tunic from the original Zelda series in Hyrule Warriors Wii U with the latest update to 1.7.0. We have footage of link from the original Legend Of Zelda where he receives the Wooden sword to battling hordes of monsters in Hyrule Warriors garbed in his classic attire with 8-bit wooden sword in hand. Check It Out for yourselves!

Super Mario Maker Gets Amiibo Support!

The creators of Super Mario Maker have announced that the game will include Amiibo functionality which include changing the size of mario in game and also including 8-bit sprites of other characters including Link & Wii Fit Trainer. there will also be special 8-bit Mario Amiibo available in stores to add to your collection, I know I want one, do you? Check out the Super Mario Maker E3 2015 Trailer below to see how the Amiibo functionality works in the game.

Hyrule Warriors Gets A Classic Tunic For Link!

link_classic_tunic_thumbWith the free update for Hyrule Warriors  on the Wii U (1.7.0), Players will unlock a special “Classic Tunic” for Link which will go well with the 8- bit sword, don’t you think? The update is to celebrate the announcement of Hyrule Warriors Legends for Nintendo 3DS in 2016. The update is available to download today so as we all know, “It is dangerous to go alone, take this” opportunity to get the classic tunic while you can.20150617_105537-1

Zelda & The Legend of the Hand-held

Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

Miketendo 64

Today Nintendo took to the stage and commenced their E3 presentation, where they provided further details on games we already knew about, confirmed the release for Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS, but gave no date other than a 2016 release. It was also the day they announced new games, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, Metroid Prime Federation Force and a new title for the Zelda series, which isn’t for the Wii U. That’s right folks, coming fall 2015 (this very year), is a Four Swords successor (and theorised “remake”), the Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes, so let’s talk about what we know about the game so far.


It wasn’t just discussed, but demonstrated via video, showing footage of the three Links (sorry Violet, looks like you didn’t make the cut), working together, as the initial player, can play with two friends, questing through the game, solving puzzles and more. Aonuma admitted the 3D visuals of ALBW heavily influenced the design of TriForce Warriors and that the game features totem mechanics. As for actual plot, well right now as far as that is concerned, it looks to be the plot is as thin as this; Princess Zelda is cursed…with bad fashion and the three Links have to save her, but then again the Zelda series is known for dynamics like this and were well received and loved for them, it’s all part of the colourful, fun appeal the series has always had, even in its darker games, because the makers of Zelda are not one for discrimination, there is a Zelda game for everyone and this game is proof of that, a multiplayer game and quest to share with our nearest and dearest.


Still with all this to mind, I still fear a dark cloud looms over us all, a dark shadow covering our Hyrule. With Nintendo adamant on not releasing any Zelda Wii U info, this Zelda news was warmly appreciated and sparked a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in gamers world-wide, but as jubilant as I want to be, I can’t help but think of this news as the final nail in the coffin that is original Zelda titles & stories, exclusive to hand-held, is indeed dead, or just very close to it. Don’t get me wrong, A Link Between Worlds was a great game, a good sequel, just like I’m sure TriForce Heroes will be, but fundamentally, at the end of the day, it was a remake, made as a continuation just like this one is and these aren’t the only remakes to grace hand-held. Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and of course Wind Waker on home console.

Since the release of Spirit Tracks, Nintendo has not released an original, stand-alone Zelda story for handhelds, which could probably be down to the fact the game wasn’t as well received as they expected to be, something that has put them a little on edge, worried as to how their next original title would have us react, so instead they give us a re-mastered Ocarina of Time, quite possible the greatest Zelda game to date and Majora’s Mask and Wind Waker, which for me was the icing on the cake as I was unable to play it the first time round on the Gamecube and added to the justification of getting my WII U.


Now Nintendo being afraid, is perfectly plausible and the news of TriForce Heroes, could very well be construed as confirmation as this fact, but fearful or not, this is Nintendo we are talking about, the company that brought us the Zelda series and I wouldn’t put anything past them. If anything, they like us are still just learning what the 3DS is truly capable of and all these remakes, are a clever way of figuring out what they can and can’t get away with, before within the next five years, they will announce and release a new original Zelda story that will just blow us away, much like Zelda Wii U, which until Zelda U’s release, expectations are just going to continue soaring. Already so many theories are floating about the internet as we are all away with the fairies, wondering just what kind of adventure we will all be embarking on, which for Nintendo is a risky move, because after all this time with near to nothing information, all we have right now is hype and this game, this ultimate Zelda title, it will either be a disappointment to a lot of us, or be the Zelda game that changes everything for us. Either way it’s a bit risk, but we like big risks.


And let’s not deny, big risks are Nintendo’s thing and as far as Zelda is concerned, dark and depressing, or colourful and cheerful, it really doesn’t matter to us, because it is a series of character, stories and adventure we just love, and we welcome every new addition Nintendo could throw at us because Zelda isn’t just a game, or a series of games, it’s a lifetime, of gaming, of lasting memories and a foundation of friendships. We’ll still be playing it as they pry the gaming devices out of our hands and put us into the earth and it is on that note, I’ll bid you farewell, Wind Waker calls me.

Miketendo64 Direct- Revista Oficial Nintendo (Nintendo Official Magazine, Spain)

Just to inform you all that we have a new Miketendo64 Direct talking about the latest Official Nintendo Magazine In Spain. It is a Splatoon Special Issue and comes with a Splatoon themed Gamepad Decal for the Wii U. It also includes more details and confirmations on upcoming games including Yoshi’s Woolly World, LEGO Jurassic World & Fossil Fighters Frontier.


Nintendo World Championships 2015

Did you miss the Nintendo World Championships for 2015? Well there is no need to fret as you can watch it in its entirety here.  The whole championship has been uploaded to Nintendo’s Youtube Channel and can be watched from start to finish. We won’t tell you what you can expect so you can watch the video without spoilers, Enjoy!!!

#Sunday Funday — Gaming & Gaming News

Written by: J.H. Longmansplat

Don’t you just love those days when you wake up and roll out of bed, at whatever time you feel like and not have to go to work? (Who doesn’t?) And sadly it had been a long time before I was able to have one of these beautiful, rare occasions, so it was only natural I put this day to good use.


Turned my internet on, connected the Wii U and commenced my morning of online playing, and I knew just which three games I would play, (Splatoon, Bayonetta 2 & Hyrule Warriors and all in that order.) And it was a good thing too, about time I took a turn at playing Splatoon’s online mode, which let’s face it, is the game’s biggest selling point and what more importantly, the first Splatfest is this month, first in Northern America on June 20th and then here, in good old Europe for the 27th and it is an online gaming competition I want to be a part of, so it was good I was getting some practice in.

However in typical fashion, I found myself on a team full of level 3’s against a team of level 11’s, but at least my team were all equipped with the roller, besides me, so while they laid siege to the map, covering it as much as they could, I took up another sport, Hunting Inklings. Using the well covered ink trails laid by my team mates, I was soon quickly popping up all over the places, splattering whatever Inkling fool that dared to evade me. I spent the first three games doing just that and each time, I died less and less and scored more kills. I went from 2nd place to top scorer on my team and once level 3, well it was time to get a new weapon, my very own Splat Roller and the second it was back in my hands, it was back to Turf Wars and I just owned, it didn’t matter the stage, the level of opponent or their tactics, there was no avoiding my destruction, I, the Aesir, God of Chaos had come to destroy and destroy I did.


Although I think I destroyed a little too much, as soon I was the last player standing, so it was time to change game and give Bayonetta 2 a go, so it was time to play Tag Climax with my newly acquired Balder and destroy some more. Mere no bet halo levels were not on the cards as a fellow Rank C player and I bet all in, undertaking 3 star halos bet missions, which even when proving a nice challenge, the two of us still went all out with the combos and collected nicely, a 6 digit pay-out each and a platinum medal myself, so with fate being so kind, it was only fair to play some more, adding to the purse so I could later on purchase some more outfits to add to my Hero of Hyrule and Star Fox.



And with mention of Hyrule, after a nice 1 million halos earned, I took to adventure mode on Hyrule Warriors because even now with every skulltula earned, weapon obtained and A ranked accumulated (just two more medals to go), I still love to play this game and with the Leaked Hyrule Warriors All-Stars news flying, well that only added to the interest, besides who can resist playing some good old Zelda? (Not me that’s why I played Wind Waker afterwards, ending my online career. There’s only so long you can aid your fellow Links)

Then to top my morning of quality gaming, today is the day the latest dlc for Smash Bros became available for download, which sees characters such as Ryu, Roy & Lucas added to the roster, along with new stages and new outfights, such as Splatoon’s very own Inkling outfit and squid hat. Plus more related Mii outfits. And while all of that is going on, today kicked off the 2015 Nintendo World Tournament, which features players commencing in speedrun challenges, one of them being The Legend of Zelda, which they would play from beginning to the end of the very first dungeon.


What a beautiful day it has been, here’s to many more like it, with plenty more wonderful gaming news! Till Next time.

Knock Knock! Special Delivery — Bayonetta 2 Arrives!

bay2Written  by:  J.H.  Longman

What’s that? Knocking on my door, I wonder who can it be? Maybe it’s the new game I ordered and can’t wait to play!!!


Door opens, package enters hand, signature given, door closed and package ripped open. (Cue the classic Zelda tune) It’s my brand new game and it is Bayonetta 2, time to put those long legs into action, don a pair of chainsaws for shoes and kick some serious arse. Its go Time!!!

I’ll be honest, when Bayonetta came out back in 2010, I never heard of it, then I watched an episode of Video Game Nation #VGN this yeah and went: “Yeah I can see the appeal, but” and that was it, it did look like a decent game, with very interesting prospects but that was as far as I let it go, for a couple of months.

Time changes as does the mind and in all honesty, there is only so long you can say no to playing a videogame, where the lead female protagonist summoned Queen Shiba and punched God into the sun at the end of the first game. I don’t recall any other games that have ever done and if that’s how they ended the first game, well just think about the ending to Bayonetta 2, which people are still talking about, but lips shut people. No spoilers, I want it to be a surprise! And I’ve seen the first 10 minutes of the game, it is sheer madness.

No King Leonidas, it’s not Sparta its Bayonetta and as far as video gaming goes, madness means FUN! So while I’m off getting my fix, attempting to shoot my veins up with the disc a couple of times before I stick it into the Wii U console, I can encourage you to do the same, play against each other, a competition if you will.

It does go without saying though, my review of this game is pending and you can probably expect a post here and there, every once in a while as my opinions take hold and spam the internet,bay 3 but until the review comes out, don’t worry, my reviews of Hyrule Warriors & Mario Kart 8 are on their way and my reviews of Splatoon, are out already:

Twice the Fun with Splatoon – Battle Dojo:


Splatoon – Painting the Town in Story Mode:


                Till Next Time and remember, stay gamiful.

#Splatoon — The Final Splat still to come

Written by J.H. Longmansplatoon 1


With two reviews down already, only one more remains as far as that inktastic colourful, Nintendo shooter, Splatoon is concerned and yes shooter is a spoiler.

I’ve already covered the Battle Dojo, how to own against family and friends and covered story mode in its own review, so now, all that remains is the games largest feature, Turf War, the game mode where Splatoon earns it shooter genre, demonstrating that Nintendo have learned from the likes of Call of Duty and can pull off a shooter of its own, but centre the action away from mindless killing and focus more so on covering the entire area in as much ink as you can, of your teams colour and occasionally splattering the opposition should they attempt to sneak up behind you.


This is piece you do not want to miss, because team @Miketendo64 are ready for war! We’re ready for you online mode, where colourful language of abuse, does not come blaring through the headphones. (I know, talk about “Say WHAT!!!)

So while you wait for that one, why not catch up on our other Splatoon related posts, whether you’ve already read them or not and if you haven’t yet (seriously dude, you haven’t read them yet?), well just means you’ve got to correct that now.

Twice the Fun with Splatoon – Battle Dojo:


Splatoon – Painting the Town in Story Mode:


And for those of you who aren’t a Splatoon fan, no worries, we’ve got something for you too, a Legend of Zelda Top 5 saddest moments, a piece that came to be after a 4 month long poll, with results chosen by you, the reader, the blogger, the gamer:

The Legend of Zelda – Top 5 Saddest Moments: https://miketendo64.com/the-legend-of-zelda-top-5-zelda-saddest-moments/

Nintendo E3 Reveal: Hyrule Warriors All Stars

Written By J.H. Longman

Hyrule Warriors 3DSRight now there is only one thing Zelda fans are tongue wagging about, the “leaked” reveal of a trailer played that showed Hyrule Warriors, playable on 3DS. Let’s get into it.

As well as a new title, Hyrule Warriors All-Stars, the 3DS version comes with two new characters, fresh from the Wind Waker Zelda title. That’s right ladies, gentleman and gamers you can now play as both Tetra with her dagger and marking the return of the King, is The King of Red Lions, the Monarch of Hyrule, is King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule himself.

Both new characters are playable on the Wii U version, but so far it looks like in order to add them to your character roster, you may have to purchase the 3ds game and “transfer” them over. Now all of this may change, as an all new dlc could be announced for Hyrule Warriors Wii U, when Nintendo take to the stage on June 16th for their direct E3 Presentation @9am PST, something no Zelda fan is going to want to miss. There are so many thoughts and theories going on about this right now, even my mind is going made with ideas and ponderings, but no! I could write them, I really want to, but I’m going sit back and just see what Nintendo has to say about all this myself. Wait for Fact as opposed to giving in to Fiction, even though fiction is totally fun.

What would be totally awesome, would be seeing Hyrule Warriors able to connect the 3ds to the Wii U game, thanks to a new Wii U update and allow the 3ds to be used as another controller, just like they did with Smash!

And now, this is where I leave you, where you can watch the video for yourself, as we all wait for the latest Nintendo News, direct from their E3 Presentation: (But that gold ocarina, oooh, so shiny!!!) And don’t worry, when the news does break, the @Miketendo64 team will be here to give our feedback and news breakdown.

Hyrule Warriors 3DS Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKIMoVuBRI8

Till Next Time and remember, stay gameful.

Hyrule Warriors Coming To 3DS!

It has been over 8 months since the release of Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and over that time has spanned 5 amazing DLC’s to keep the game fresh and entertaining and has been pretty much unrivalled in that time. However it now has a competitor worthy to compete against, Itself. Hyrule Warriors is going to be released onto the 3DS. there have been some changes to the game as regards to gameplay and and graphics, much like Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. A special Miketendo64 Direct is on its way today to show not only the leaked trailer and the comparisons between the two but also the availability of two new characters steeping into the fray, Tetra & King Of Red Lions from The Wind Waker.

Our First Miketendo64 Direct On Youtube!

Miketendo64 Direct ImageI am pleased to announced that We have just uploaded our first ever Miketendo64 Direct (pun intended) video to our Youtube channel and is presented by Yours Truly, Mike Scorpio. This video aims to explain ourselves a little bit and what we aim to achieve here at miketendo64.com. We also announce that we are also looking for collaborators to volunteer reviews for 3DS games both past and present to add to our reviews page for our website. If you can, please spare just a few minutes of your time. The Fate Of The Nintendo Gaming World Could Depend On You!


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