The time has come to dive headfirst into a brand new Bayonetta game but for those of you out there who are wondering if Bayonetta 3 includes alternate outfits, we’re pleased to inform you that it does. amiibo support is gone and sadly, so are the Nintendo outfits, but other clothing choices are supported, and it is attire based on what the other Bayonettas wear.

In addition to other costumes, each outfit can have up to eight different colour choices and when customising clothing, each set also has seven different choices for the colour of Bayonetta’s glasses and eight different hair colours. The options for Bayonetta’s default attire can be seen below:

Of course, the real burning question is can you obtain the main outfits from earlier Bayonetta games? The answer, is “yes!” and here’s how:

How to Obtain Both Original Bayonetta Outfits in Bayonetta 3:

Once players have played through Chapter 1: Scrambling for Answers, you will gain access to The Gates of Hell. It is here you can visit Rodin and buy any manner of item from him, especially more costumes available via Rodin’s Treasures. The first time you visit, you will see a list of items such as CB 44 Bayo 3 White which costs 1,000 halos. This and the other CB items are special Couture Bullets used with the Super Mirror 3 which unlocks the specific colour of Bayonetta’s default outfit. A quick breakdown of CB Bayo 3 outfits can be seen here:

  • CB 44 Bayo 3 White | 1,000 halos
  • CB 45 Bayo 3 Red | 1,000 halos
  • CB 46 Bayo 3 Yellow | 1,000 halos
  • CB 47 Bayo 3 Green | 1,000 halos
  • CB 48 Bayo 3 Blue | 1,000 halos
  • CB 49 Bayo 3 Purple | 1,000 halos
  • CB 50 Bayo 3 Pink | 1,000 halos

In order to obtain the original outfits, players need only to first beat the game on any difficulty. By beating Chapter 14: The Single Truth, Super Mirror 1 and Super Mirror 2 will become unlocked and available from Rodin’s Treasures. By purchasing each mirror, you can then begin purchasing the associated Couture Bullets. A full breakdown of pricing and associated imagery can be seen here:

Details for the Default Outfit from Bayonetta 1:

  • Super Mirror 1 | 4,000 halos
  • CB 30 Bayo 1 White | 1,500 halos
  • CB 31 Bayo 1 Red | 1,500 halos
  • CB 32 Bayo 1 Yellow | 1,500 halos
  • CB 33 Bayo 1 Green | 1,500 halos
  • CB 34 Bayo 1 Blue | 1,500 halos
  • CB 35 Bayo 1 Purple | 1,500 halos
  • CB 36 Bayo 1 Pink | 1,500 halos

Details for the Default Outfit from Bayonetta 2:

  • Super Mirror 2 | 4,000 halos
  • CB 37 Bayo 2 White | 1,500 halos
  • CB 38 Bayo 2 Red | 1,500 halos
  • CB 39 Bayo 2 Yellow | 1,500 halos
  • CB 40 Bayo 2 Green | 1,500 halos
  • CB 41 Bayo 2 Blue | 1,500 halos
  • CB 42 Bayo 2 Purple | 1,500 halos
  • CB 43 Bayo 2 Pink | 1,500 halos

Easy Halos:

With regards to the actual Halos themselves. In previous Bayonetta games, they were easier to come by as the Angels of Paradisio were one of the main antagonist forces Bayonetta would do battle against. In Bayonetta 3 they take a back seat, but they are still present. Every main chapter will feature at least one hidden verse where players can fight Angels and collect Halos upon their defeat. Each chapter also has a little puzzle or hiding spot, which when struck, rewards players with Halos such as the Lappy statue in Chapter 1.

My recommendation for faster Halo accumulation though, is to play Chapter 2: City on Fire. Right at the start of the level, if you bank right and head towards the golden light near the trains, you can fight against two Beloved with each one rewarding the player with 1,300 halos upon their defeat. Then simply play on and head to the portal that will return you to The Gates of Hell.

You’ll then be free to make a purchase a two before saving your game and then having the choice to access the main menu and quit to the Chapter Selection screen and repeat the whole process.

Incidentally, for those who are successful in collecting all three Umbran tears on Chapter 6: Off the Rails. this will give you access to Chapter 6: Phenomenal Remnant 6. With this stage, players can really rack up the Halos. Just keep in mind you will also need to battle a Fortitudo in the process.

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful.

By Jack Longman

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