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How’s this for on the line Johnny?

Except for a few teases here and there that revealed more characters, we’ve had no real news regarding Mario Tennis Aces, since it was shown off in the Nintendo Direct that aired on May 8, 2018. Not even a date for the pre-launch online tournament, until now.

The Japanese website for Mario Tennis Aces has launched and a few details have started to come in, the first of which that has revealed that the tournament, which is a free to download demo of the game for your Switch, will run from June 1 at 18:00 JST and end on June 3 at 23:59 JST (Japanese Standard Time). Characters who will be playable are Mario, Yoshi, Peach and Bowser (sorry Luigi,) and everyone who does participate, will be able to play as “overall style Mario,” i.e. is his typical look, in the full version of the game. In case it’s needed, an image of the alternate Mario, can be seen below:

Tennis Aces

Tournaments have been announced to take place during the World Hobby Fair on June 24 and both an introduction and Online Tournament video can be seen right here:

Remember, the demo will be free to download, so even if you don’t get the game next month, but you want to make sure you can get the costume for when the time comes, there’s nothing stopping you from participating in the demo and then buying the game at a much later period, unless of course it turns out the costume is said to have a time limit on it. If that’s the case, you will need to act fast.



Source: via Japanese Nintendo (tumblr)

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