A new update for Mario Tennis Aces arrives and with it a variety of game balancing, new characters, and more! Read on for official patch notes:


Mario Tennis Aces Version 2.3.0: [Released 2/28/18]

3rd Co-op Challenge: Shy Guy Train Tussle!

  • The new Co-op Challenge, Shy Guy Train Tussle, will be available from the start of Ver. 2.3.0 distribution until 9:00 AM on April 15th, 2019. Co-op Challenge is a mode for online play which will only be held for a certain period of time.
    • Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to play Co-op Challenge.
  • Shy Guy Train Tussle is played in Swing Mode. You’ll work with other players to get back coins stolen by Shy Guy bandits.
    A four-player team of friends or players from online is formed, and your goal is to complete the objective together. (If each player has a controller, up to four players can play on one Nintendo Switch system.)
    You can acquire three Shy Guys of different colors (blue, green, and yellow) by completing objectives.
  • If there aren’t four total players, the necessary number of COM players will be added after a certain amount of time has passed.

New Characters and Costumes Added

  • If you play at least one match of the March Online Tournament, you’ll be able to use the new character Pauline. Pauline is fast, and can accelerate faster than other characters. However, changing direction while accelerating is difficult, and she’s more easily pushed back by returned balls.
    • Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to play Online Tournament.
    • Pauline will become available to use as of 9:00 AM on April 1st, 2019, even if you haven’t played one match of the March Online Tournament.
  • If you play a match in the March Online Tournament and collect the necessary bonus points, you’ll be able to use a Chain Chomp with a hat. The hat is available in three colors.
    • Only people who earn the necessary amount of points in in March will acquire the Chain Chomp with a hat.
    • This Chain Chomp has the same abilities as a regular Chain Chomp.
    • Bonus Points will be reset the following month.
  • Additional new characters and costumes are planned for April and later.
  • Changes to Character Abilities
    • The abilities of certain characters have been changed.
      Character Name Change
      • Slightly increased the speed of her volley shot.
      Boom Boom
      • Slightly decreased the speed of his volley shot.
      • Greatly decreased his ability to aim for the edges of the sideline.
      • Slowed down overall abilities related to movement.
      • Slowed down the distance he can return a ball using a longitudinal Trick Shot.
      • Made it a little easier to slip when moving.
      • Slightly decreased the top movement speed.
  • Other Changes
    • Online Tournament: Fixed problem on screen where you pair up in Doubles Class in which there’s a low probability of P1 and the host being displayed and then the software shuts down.
    • Snowfall Mountain: Adjusted behavior of playable character getting greatly pushed back when swinging racket and contacting passengers who appear when there are hazards.
    • Inferno Island: Made it so that shots during a rally will not hit a duct when the settings for hazards is turned on.
    • Co-op Challenge: Adjusted motion when using Chain Chomp during a Co-op Challenge using Swing Mode.
    • Fixed an issue with the animation wherein hitting a drop shot would become the same motion as when hitting a topspin.
    • Other adjustments have been made to improve gameplay.


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