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Developer: Adventure Productions

Publisher: MixedBag

Platform: Nintendo Switch (eShop)

Category: Adventure & Other

Release Date: August 17, 2018 (EU & NA)


The Detective will see you Now!

Having already brought a string of games to the Nintendo Switch, the Italian indie company called MixedBag, are showing no signs of slowing as they have brought another game to the handheld platform and this time Detective Gallo is not messing around.

In Detective Gallo, Gallo the detective gets a new client named Phil Cloro, Phil’s recently discovered that someone had broken into his house and poisoned his plants. He asked Gallo to help him find the suspect and get justice for his beloved plants. At the beginning of the game, Gallo calls his informant after he found a VEG8 Gun Shell at the crime scene.

Gallo uses it to find the suspect (at least that is what he thought) sitting outside Phil Cloro house, The Taxi Driver broke into Phil’s house but never poisoned his plants he just wanted to give Phil a taste of his own Medicine. As the plot thickens, a number of people are reporting to Gallo that their plants are also being poisoned.

While Gallo tries to find out who may perhaps have poisoned the plants in the city, his suspect list continues to grow. One of the many suspects being the Wholesaler who runs a store called ‘Everything for Everybody.’ The Wholesaler isn’t just a suspect but another informant for Gallo since the Wholesaler knew about a lot of the items used to poisoned the plants, but as he gets further into the investigation he discovers something major that will lead him to find out why plants are being poisoned in the city.

In order for Gallo to find the suspect, Gallo uses items he finds around his office and around the city. Throughout the game, you will have to collect items and use some of the items to make objects to reach places, to persuade a character to give you useful information and make objects that will be useful to Gallo during the investigation.

One of my favorite things to do in the game is making objects because you’re basically using what you have on hand to make items that would most likely be impossible to make in real life with the items you have already. While playing the game you will talk to 10 characters around the city to find get the information you need to lead you to the suspect.

Most of the characters have interesting personalities or humour that would make you laugh. One of my favorite characters in the game would probably be Candy Bop because she has a bubbly and happy personality and loves Gallo when he hates her or Baby-Punk because of him wanting to have an adult life even though he is an infant. As you can see all of the characters have a different personality that we can all relate to in one way or another.

With regards to controls and performance, they’re good as Detective Gallo plays well in both docked and handheld mode. Players can also choose to use the touch-screen, or Joy-Cons to move the cursor to find items, use items and speak to characters in the game. One of the many things I enjoyed about the controls was that in handheld mode you could use the touch-screen, which is a big plus since Detective Gallo is a point and click game after all and it helps speed some things up.

As for graphics, the cartoony style Detective Gallo has is amazing. I really loved the comic/cartoony vibe the game has to offer, as not only is it colourful, but it has great rendering and lighting and reminded me of an old 90’s cartoon show but in HD. Furthermore, the sound effects and music in the game, are excellent and tie in nicely, as the music flowed well all throughout the game and its cut-scenes.


To put it simply, Detective Gallo is an excellent game. The storyline is great and has an interesting twist to it. The characters, voice acting and dialogue was beyond what I was expecting. The music was amazing to listen to and catchy, the controls were easy and simple to use, and graphics and rendering were excellent. There were some things that bothered me a bit, which was the load times when transitioning from one area to another but besides that, Detective Gallo is something I believe you should add to your collection, if you are looking for something new to play on your Nintendo Switch or are a fan of Action & Adventure games. It is an eShop title that you simply need in your life.





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