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What’s one way to keep your website relevant? To bring about new changes as and when you need them, and by ensuring your site is producing content that your competition isn’t, with January coming to an end, it’s time we incorporated some exclusive content!

January has been an incredible month, we had the Nintendo Switch presentation, learned about some really cool games, heard plenty of announcements, saw the arrival of the Pokémon Bank update and we now know a lot about Breath of the Wild and February on the horizon, we want to keep the awesome content and news coverage going. So in light of that, permit me to tell you about the special articles and videos we have planned, which you can expect starting to get upload today and will continue to make its way to our site over the next two weeks:


Revamping our Visual Let’s Talk About Series:

If you are familiar with our site, you’ll know we have a series entitled “Let’s Talk About.” A series of written features and videos we upload onto YouTube and then share on our site afterwards. Well we’ve already revamped the written version, but now we’ve changed the formula to our video instalments and have already recorded three new videos. Videos that will see us talking about:

  • Splatoon 2 (Is it 2 Soon For a Sequel?)
  • F-Zero (The Perfect Mobile Game)
  • and ARMS (A Game Worth Keeping an Eye on!)

 While I can’t say for certain when the first video will be uploaded and shared to Miketendo64, we are intending to get the first video uploaded over the weekend.

s2 lta3.jpg

The Miketendo Strip Continues:

As we are in no hurry to end our ongoing comic strip series, a new Fire Emblem Heroes related issue of The Miketendo Strip will be posted on time, next week!


More Interviews:

We love our interviews and while there has been a lull lately, we have organised a few more, one of which you can see on our site already (Pixel Princess Blitz), with more on the way and they pertain to Switch confirmed games! So while we can’t give you any spoilers today, just know they are on the way, including our delayed Zordix AB interview.


Additional Fire Emblem Heroes Coverage:

As well as the special content we’ve provided already, such as our little guide, our huge write-up, Google Play Games support for the Android version, and country availability. We will also be providing a Fire Emblem Heroes Review, but are also considering a series of videos as well. (Depends on whether or not we have the time.)


A New Collaboration:

But it’s not all going to be content of our own doing, as we’ll also be sharing content from Mega Cat Studios, the first of which will be making its way to the site today, along with a new editorial that is our own making.

Resultat d'imatges de Mega Cat Studios

So for all that and more, make sure to tune into Miketendo64, the next two weeks are going to be different and for more changes to be implemented to our site next, be sure to keep an eye out for our next Coming Soon to Miketendo64 post.


So until then, keep on gaming!


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