Having Fun With “Miimes” (Miis+Memes=Miimes)

Probably a fad that won’t last too long, they never do but I have found a new function within the mobile app Miitomo and that is as a Meme generator using Miifoto. In a nutshell, you can put your Mii and your friend’s Miis in various poses and outfits and then add some text to create your own Miifotos. I have taken it one step further and created “Miimes” that blend Miis with Memes to give the world a unique twist on humour and general silliness. Here are some of the Miimes I have created which puts the Mii version of Team Miketendo64 in the shoes of various Videogame charaters. From Super Mario to Samus, Link to Little Mac, which ones do you like and which ones do you think should probably go back to where they came from? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and without further more, let’s bring on the Miimes!


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