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A New Trailer for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories has emerged which shows various cutscenes for the game including the storyline and battle scenes and also riding on top of various monsters to traverse over dangerous terrain. The trailer also reveals details about unlockable costumes for the character Nabiru, like a Dinovaldo Costume which you can obtain if you have Monster Hunter Generations Save Data on your 3DS (along with a one handed sword for your main character) or a Rathalos Costume which is only available in limited Quantities of the game.

The game will not becoming alone as Capcom has announced that they will be releasing a series amiibo alongside the game when it launches in Japan October 8th, which includes One-eyed Rathalos & Rider (Male), One-eyed Rathalos (Female) and Nabiru. The rider amiibo will cost around 1,800 Yen and the Nabiru amiibo will cost about 1,200 Yen. You can see the amiibo in the image below.


There will be three amiibo to collect to begin with but Capcom has said that they will be releasing more amiibo to the series later in the year, that will unlock more content in-game.

Source: Nintendo Life

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