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Plush Added to World of Nintendo Release Guide

Kuribo continues his work on the World of Nintendo Release Guide. This time it is plush that are added along with Nintendo Blind Boxes. Read on for cute and soft Nintendo characters!

It took a lot of work, more than I expected but I have now added plush to the World of Nintendo Release Guide!  There are some pretty cool and unique plush in the guide and I have added pictures of most of them so make sure to check out the new additions by clicking here!  I have also added Nintendo Micro Blind Boxes to the guide as well.  The guide is probably in the vicinity of 75-85% done with only the various Mario Kart toys to go now.  I look forward to finishing the guide and making progress on updating some of the others.  If I’m lucky enough to find one tomorrow, I will try and review the new Metroid Amiibo soon as well.  Best of luck to everyone who didn’t preorder and is going to try and hunt one down tomorrow!

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6″ Figures Added to World of Nintendo Guide

While the World of Nintendo Release Guide on was already great, Kuribo has expanded it to include 6″ figures including Metroid and Bowser. Check it out!

First off, my apologies for the lack of updates the past week.  I went out of town for my brother’s wedding and was unable to work on the site while traveling.  I am back and will be resuming regular updates through the rest of the month and into October!  As I sat down to write the next article, I realized that I had never gone back to add other figure releases to the World of Nintendo Guide so I was happy to work on that for my latest update.  The 6″ inch figures which are kind of a wild card in World of Nintendo and have an interesting backstory so it was nice to add them to the guide.  I’m going to try and fill in the gaps in the coming weeks so that this guide is finally “finished.”  To check out the guide, click here to view all of…

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New Mario PDP Pixel Pals Coming Soon!

Kuribo shares news of new retro Pixel Pals from PDP. If you like Super Mario, then you need to check out these awesome looking new figures!

It has been awhile since I have talked about Pixel Pals since my initial review of the Super Mario Brothers 3 Mario.  I really like my Pixel Pal and was hoping that PDP would release some more I’d want to buy.  Since first few Mario ones were basically just “repaints” of the same pose, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them even though I do like their design.  Well I am fresh out of excuses and you very well may be too with a couple of new releases from PDP.  Special thanks goes to friend of the site, Twitter user JcGrOoVeZ, who shared this information.

Mario Super Mario World PDP Pixel Pals

On Sept. 19, Pixel Pals will expand into Super Mario World!  A much beloved game and offering something different than any previous Pixel Pals, this new Mario captures what was once a common pose in the Mario games and one that I know I…

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Red Bob-omb World of Nintendo Figure Review

In his latest review, Kuribo checks out the Red-Bob omb from the World of Nintendo line. Find out why Mario fans should check this figure out!

I have to admit, I initially passed up the Red Bob-omb at my local Meijer because I have the regular Bob-omb and am happy with it.  But on a recent toy hunt, I realized that I had made a mistake and there is something special about this figure to make it stand out.  What makes it unique?  You’ll have to read on to find out!

Red Bob-omb World of Nintendo 2.5" Inch Figure Box FrontBox – As with every review, here is quick look at the box and the contents of this wave if you haven’t seen them yet.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box BackArticulation – Before opening this figure, I had a pretty good feeling I knew what the articulation was going to be.  If anything was going to be able to move, it was the crank on the back of the Bob-omb.  Anything in addition to that would be a nice surprise.  It turns out that I was correct.  The crank will…

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Pikmin Amiibo Review

In his latest review, Kuribo checks out the adorable new Pikmin Amiibo. Is this worth adding to your Amiibo collection? Read more to find out!

It is hard to believe but this is actually the first Amiibo released for a Pikmin game.  True, we had the Super Smash Brothers Olimar which shows the most famous characters from the game but that still wasn’t for the popular Pikmin franchise.  With its unique gameplay, cute characters, charming writing, and (sometimes) overwhelming amount of plant deaths, Pikmin has a unique appeal that some people can’t get enough of.  What is even more cool is that Nintendo has released what I would call a “diorama” Amiibo or a little scene from a game instead of just a single figure.  Is Nintendo breaking new ground here or is this another standard Amiibo that is coming out during a busy summer release schedule?

Pikmin Amiibo Box Front Hey PikminBox – I often praise Nintendo for their fantastic box design and the Pikmin packaging is no different.  It is colorful, vibrant, and appealing to any Pikmin fan…

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Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5″ Figure Review

There is a new and cute Yoshi figure out from Jakks Pacific in the World of Nintendo figure line. Find out if this little guy is worth buying in Kuribo’s latest review!

My cold streak with World of Nintendo figures has finally been broken!  It feels like it has been forever since I have seen any new figures in stores near me and I was excited to see the new 2.5″ series at my local Meijer.  While there were several new figures to choose from, I ultimately decided to get Baby Blue Yoshi because I like the Mario characters, collect almost everything Mario, and I thought it could be a fun “accessory” to 4″ figures.  Is this figure worth $4?  Let’s take a closer look!

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box FrontBox – While the packaging is not noteworthy on the front and a design we’ve seen before, the back does show off the pictures in the wave in case you haven’t seen them before.

Baby Blue Yoshi World of Nintendo 2.5" Figure Box BackArticulation – You probably would have guessed from looking at this figure in the package that it wasn’t going to have a lot…

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Cloud Player Two Amiibo Review

Kuribo closes out his Smash Brothers Amiibo Reviews with Cloud Player Two. Does this figure get his recommendation? Read on to find out!

It has been fun reviewing the last wave of Super Smash Bros. Amiibo and now it is time for the last Amiibo of the six that I purchased and will review.  Cloud Player One is at least partially based off his Final Fantasy: Advent Children movie design and while I saw Advent Children when it came out a number of years ago, I can’t say I have fond memories of it.  I think the movie was a mild disappointment and lacked a solid story and the charm of Final Fantasy 7.  It is interesting to now review a figure that is inspired by the movie and looks quite a bit different than Cloud’s original design.  Is this a cool, new design that everyone should own or an Amiibo only diehard Cloud and Advent Children fans should get?  Let’s find out!

Cloud Strife Player Two Amiibo Super Smash Brothers Final Fantasy 7 Front BoxBox – Much like the Player Two Cloud, the color…

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Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Review

The Super Smash Bros. Amiibo reviews keep coming from Kuribo and Find out why Bayonetta Player One is one of the best Amiibo yet!

I have to admit, I had a bit of epiphany as I wrote this review.  I really like Bayonetta’s character design in Bayonetta 2.  She looks classier than in Bayonetta and her haircut not only suits her but is more of a timeless look (I think the original design has not aged as well).  While I’m sure this makes me appreciate the Amiibo a bit more, I don’t think it changes my review because this is one of the cooler Amiibo I’ve purchased and I’m excited to talk about why.

Bayonetta Player One Amiibo Box FrontBox – Much like the Player Two Amiibo, the box looks great and captures the character well.  I wouldn’t have minded if Nintendo used a blue color like on Bayonetta’s box art but the purple looks nice and matches Player Two’s box as well.  I would certainly consider keeping this Amiibo in the box if I wasn’t reviewing it for…

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First Impressions of Princess Peach and Mario 2-Pack

Kuribo shares his thoughts on a brand new release and Comic Con exclusive Mario figure set that any retro fans would want to know about! Warning: reading this article may make you feel Nintendo nostalgia!

A while back I reported on a special, limited edition World of Nintendo release sold at San Diego Comic Con.  The Princess Peach and Mario 2-Pack could be purchased from Entertainment Earth on the show floor during the convention.  For anyone unable to attend, they could essentially pre-order to potentially buy any that did not sell at the convention.  I was lucky enough to get an order in before they sold out and sure enough, a couple days after San Diego Comic Con ended, I got an email from Entertainment Earth letting me know that my 2-pack was shipping!

I always love to hunt down a rare figure and while I have no idea how many of these will be made, I suspect it will be limited.  I do not plan on opening this figure set because it is such a nice display piece and I want to preserve…

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Bayonetta Player Two Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews yet another unlikely Amiibo released by Nintendo. This time it is Bayonetta’s turn!

Bayonetta as a franchise is an interesting fit on a Nintendo system and certainly goes against the stereotype of kid-friendly games and characters which is often leveled against Nintendo.  She is overtly sexual, a witch, a feminist, and someone who can kick angels’ butts!  While she is to me, an odd choice in Super Smash Bros. even still today, I love the character and design and Bayonetta is a fun game to play even if you’re not great at action games like me.  So this figure is the rare one I buy where I’m not a massive fan of the game but I like the character enough (and of course, love Amiibo!) to where I had to get it.

Bayonetta Player Two Super Smash Bros Amiibo BoxBox – Unlike the Cloud Amiibo which I recently reviewed, Bayonetta has an excellent color choice that fits the character design well.  This is the high quality packaging we expect…

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Cloud Amiibo (Player One) Review

Kuribo reviews the recently released Cloud Strife Amiibo from Final Fantasy 7 and Super Smash Brothers!

Over the last couple of years, sometimes as a video game fan and as a Nintendo fan, you have to step back and say, “Wow, I can’t believe that we live in a world where ________ exists.”  For me, that is especially true for a Cloud Strife Amiibo.  I love Final Fantasy 7, it is my favorite game in the series by far and I have always wanted figures of the characters from that game.  So to see Nintendo make one is incredible and I almost had to pinch myself when I found a Cloud Amiibo at Target last week on release day.  When you consider the rocky relationship Nintendo has had with Square in particular, it really makes seeing this figure kind of surreal.  With that said, I’m going to review this Amiibo on the strengths of the figure and not let my love of FF7 result in Cloud…

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Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Review

Kuribo reviews the surprisingly rare Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo! Is this figure worth hunting down? Read on to find out!

One of the biggest surprises of 2017 has been the Breath of the Wild Amiibo rarity and just how hard Zelda has been to snag in particular.  Princess Zelda from Smash Bros. was very common and an underappreciated Amiibo in many ways.  With that said, I think of Zelda as being either like that character from Twilight Princess or in Ocarina of Time so I was curious to see how cool the Breath of the Wild Amiibo is.  I’m excited to finally review this figure thanks to Nintendo’s recent restock so let’s take a closer look!

Zelda The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Box FrontBox – I’m still a big fan of the Breath of the Wild box art.  It looks fantastic and I wouldn’t blame anyone for displaying these figures in the box.  Here is a quick look at what this Amiibo unlocks in Breath of the Wild as well.

Zelda The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Amiibo Box BackPose – I want to start with…

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World of Nintendo Figure Announcements at Comic-Con

Kuribo recaps all of the latest news from San Diego Comic from Jakks Pacific and their World of Nintendo figure line. There is something for every Nintendo fan coming out this year!

As I’m sure you’ve heard, San Diego Comic Con is going on this week and Jakks Pacific generally reserves any new figure announcements for the big conventions.  Well this year is no different and while there isn’t a ton of new stuff from the today’s press conference, there are a few surprises and images to ponder over.  I want to thank both the World of Nintendo Reddit and user TheBlackAdept17 for all of the pictures and info you see in this article.

Mario Kart Power Racers World of Nintendo

Jakks Pacific are no strangers to Mario Kart toys and while this is the third variation on toy racers they’ve done, these certainly look interesting.  The Power Racers look like they will actually race and move on their own which is not something we’ve not seen before from World of Nintendo.  Could we get track to race these on too at some point?  What will the price be?…

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Mushroom Kingdom Castle World of Nintendo Playset Now Available!

Kuribo shares news of Princess Peach’s Castle coming to World of Nintendo. Everything from the size to the price is epic with this new Mario playset!

While it had been rumored on World of Nintendo Reddit, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if this product would really get released.  Thanks to the sharp eyes of Reddit user, Kittykat-4, we know that Toys R Us is now selling the playset officially.  If you’d like to purchase it, use the following link to visit Toys R Us’s website!  This is the largest and the most expensive thing ever created in World of Nintendo (outside of the large scale figures I suppose but those are a bit different than this too).  Jakks Pacific have dabbled in playsets before with Micro Land which I loved but must not have been a financial success because they discontinued the playsets before they hit their stride.

Mushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of NintendoMushroom Kingdom Castle Playset World of Nintendo Box

While the pictures of this set are not high quality currently, you can see what you get for $40.  A large castle is certainly…

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Lakitu World of Nintendo 4″ Inch Figure Review

Kuribo finally gets his hands on the new Lakitu figure from World of Nintendo. Is this figure worth owning? Find out in’s latest review!

In a recent article, I hinted at a figure I bought at Nintendo New York and now it is time to unveil the figure and review it!  I have been slowly building a collection of World of Nintendo Mario figures and really enjoy that Jakks Pacific is starting to dive into some of the more obscure characters from the series.  Lakitu may not seem obscure to diehard Mario fans like myself but when you think about getting a figure from a character that has only appeared in about half of the Mario games, you realize that Jakks Pacific is really trying to give fans what they want.  Was this figure worth the wait?  Let’s find out!

Lakitu World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Box FrontLakitu World of Nintendo 4" Inch Figure Box BackBox – There isn’t anything too exciting to show off with the box since we have seen this design so often but seeing the other releases in this wave is nice and there are…

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