Most Wanted Figures- Every Super Mario Game – Part One

As we wait for new figures to release, Kuribo starts a new article series focusing on Mario figures that should be made. In this new article, he shares one awesome idea for a new World of Nintendo Mario figure for every platformer Mario game on NES and SNES. Read on to see his ideas and share your figure ideas with us as well!

Maybe it was Jakks Pacific open call for figure ideas or maybe it is just my realization that I’m most drawn to collecting Mario figures in World of Nintendo.  Whatever the cause of inspiration, in this new article series, I’m going to try and come up with a new figure idea for every platforming (2D and 3D game) up to Mario Odyssey.  The only rule is that I cannot pick a character that has already been represented in World of Nintendo.

Super Mario Brothers NES 8-Bit Bowser Screenshot Image courtesy of

Super Mario Brothers – NES – 8-Bit Bowser – This game is a pretty tough one to come up with new ideas for because there have already been 8-Bit Mario, Toad, and the Princess figures.  When I think about what is left, I immediately think of Bowser and those iconic castle levels.  Bowser’s design is pretty cool in this game and would look awesome in…

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