Bowser Figure Buying Spotlight

It’s a new year and Kuribo is starting a new type of article on! In the new Figure Spotlight articles, you can read about the coolest figures ever released for a character. In this first article, we take a look at Bowser and see which figures are worth buying and how much they will set you back.

Partly because writing and maintaining the figure guides are a lot of work, I am starting a new kind of article with the same purpose.  Instead of covering all of the figures for a particular character, I’m going to highlight the ones I think Nintendo fans and collectors will find the most interesting and collectible.  Bowser is a perfect character for this style of guide because a quick search on Ebay reveals that there are tons of cheap and possibly unlicensed figures of Bowser that most collectors wouldn’t find terribly interesting and trying to cover all of them would be a serious pain for me.  Instead, this article will talk about the best stuff that is out there that many of you may be interested in.

Bowser is such a fun and iconic villain and it is no surprise that he has figure support from toy companies.  If you like…

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