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We’re still in a bit of a lull news-wise and I’ve been doing some thinking about what Amiibo need to do to spice things up and keep interest high in the short.  The answer is actually right there in front of us.  Nintendo looks to have a big hit with the new Labo construction kits. What is clever about Labo is that it will hook a whole new audience into the Nintendo Switch.

People who like building toys like Legos will be intrigued but more importantly, kids who don’t already have a Switch are going to be buying lots of them because the Labo sets look really cool and are getting fairly solid reviews too.  Many schools are planning on getting Labo for their classrooms and that just makes it that much more likely that many families will be adding a Nintendo Switch to their households soon. […]

via Editorial: Why Amiibo Should Embrace Labo — NintendoFigures.com

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