New World of Nintendo 4″ Figures Teased by Jakks Pacific

After several months of no releases, Kuribo is pleased to share that new World of Nintendo figures are coming soon. The new figures are all Mario-inspired and there are quite a few that Nintendo fans may be interested. Read on to see the full list and some early images!

If you’ve been waiting to find out more about some new Nintendo figures coming out (it feels like it has been a while, right?), then I have some great news for you.  Jakks Pacific has revealed what the figures will be in the next wave of 4″ World of Nintendo figures on the World of Nintendo Reddit as well as teased an image of a new figure on their Twitter account.  The next wave will be:

Iggy World of Nintendo 4 Inch Figure 2

Iggy Koopa with Wand

Hammer Bro World of Nintendo

Hammer Bro with Hammer

Metal Mario with Mario Kart Trophy

Raccoon Mario World of Nintendo 4" Figure Jakks Pacific Teaser

Raccoon Mario with Super Leaf

That is a whole lot of new Mario figures coming your way and I can definitely say that I’m excited!  Raccoon Mario and Metal Mario are repaints or slightly tweaked from other Mario figures that have already been released but look unique enough that I plan on picking them up.  I’m curious to see…

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