Most Wanted Figures – Every Super Mario Game – Part 2

Kuribo looks at the more recent Mario games from Nintendo 64 all the way up to Wii and comes up with one figure that Jakks Pacific should make. Is your favorite character in the article? Read on to find out and share your thoughts as well!

My apologies for not getting this article done sooner!  Real life has kept me away from the site more than I would like this week but I’m back and hope to resume normal updates once again.  If you missed part one in this series, I am coming up with at least one figure idea for every platforming Mario game up to Mario Odyssey.  The first article was a blast to write and I enjoyed reading your comments so I’m excited to share my thoughts with you on some of the more recent Mario games.

Big Bob-Omb Mario 64 Nintendo Super MarioSuper Mario 64 – Nintendo 64 – Big Bob-Omb – When you think Super Mario 64, chances are good that you remember how cool controlling Mario was and how impressively large the worlds are in that game.  As far as enemies go, there aren’t a lot of unique ones from this game that I would…

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