use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

In this guide, we will tell you how you can use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise, you can use amiibo to invite specific villagers to the archipelago and design vacation homes for them. You won’t be able to do it straight from the get-go and will need to design homes for other villagers first before you can invite whoever you like.

use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

First of all, you will need to decorate at least seven vacation homes for the villagers you find walking around the beach in front of the Paradise Planning office. After you finish your seventh vacation home, Lottie will tell you about the amiibo scanner. If you interact with this scanner, you will be able to invite villagers by scanning the appropriate Animal Crossing amiibo card (or figure).

The standard villagers that you invite through amiibo have furniture requisites just like the villagers dotting around the island. This means you will have a selection of items that the villager will require as well as furniture they will like that you should use inside their vacation homes. Goldie, for example, likes to cook and required that I used specific kitchen appliances in her home. Lucky wanted me to design his room on the theme “Cradle of Civilization”.

use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

There is a restriction on who you can invite, however. Characters like Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Gulliver, and Pavé are VIP villagers and you will need to increase your ranking to Famous Designer before you can invite them to your island. In order to achieve this rank, you will need to have designed at least 25 vacation homes.

That does sound like quite a lot but you can breeze through vacation homes by adding the bare minimum of furniture just to rack up the numbers quicker. You can then always go back to these homes later to remodel them and add more furniture.

VIP villagers do not have specific tastes and will leave their vacation room themes up to your imagination. For the likes of Gulliver, we went for a nautical theme for his vacation room and for K.K. Slider, we turned his pad into a groovy nightclub.

use amiibo in Happy Home Paradise

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