*November 17, 2021: The following guide is a work in progress with more details being added to it over the coming weeks:


Great change is afoot. Version 2.0.0 is available now for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and so much has changed and that’s before we even factor in the Happy Home Paradise changes as well. So, to celebrate all things Animal Crossing, we’re creating a new series of guides dedicated to the new series of content.

In this particular guide, we’re heading to shores unknown, as this guide specifically pertains to the Happy Home Paradise DLC and the new island region it adds to the game, along with a brand new currency called Poki.


Prices for Wardell’s Shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Getting Started with Unlocking Wardell’s Shop:

For the players who chose to purchase the DLC outright or got it as part of upgrading their Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription, the first time you chose to go to work and visit Lottie on her home island, she will introduce Wardell, a blue manatee that is “in charge of managing future procurement and other related matters.”. 

By completing your first job decorating a client’s holiday home, Lottie will pay you in Poki, which can then be used to buy items of furniture from, yep, you guessed it, Wardell and we currently in the process of building a catalogue for everything he has to offer:

Wardell’s Item List:

  • Banker’s Lamp – 1,400 Poki
  • Beach Chairs with Parasol – 4,100 Poki
  • Bunny Garden Decoration – 1,500 Poki
  • Carton Beverage – 360 Poki
  • Cool Chair – 3,200 Poki
  • Cool Dining Table – 3,200 Poki
  • Evergreen Ash 2,800 Poki
  • Framed Photo – 450 Poki
  • Full-length Mirror – 3,200 Poki
  • Garden Chair 860 Poki
  • Garden Table – 1,400 Poki
  • Inflatable Bird Ring – 720 Poki
  • Large Café Table 2,900 Poki
  • Makeup Pouch 990 Poki
  • Outdoor Folding Table – 1,900 Poki
  • Outdoor Kitchen – 5,200 Poki
  • Owl Clock – 3,100 Poki
  • Patchwork Chair – 3,300 Poki
  • Public Telephone 4,100 Poki
  • Upright Speaker – 1,400 Poki
  • Schefflera 990 Poki
  • Skateboard – 710 Poki
  • Scrapbook – 410 Poki
  • Small Covered Round Table 4,600 Poki
  • Small LED Display 3,800 Poki
  • Small Vase 4,300 Poki
  • Souvenir Chocolates x1 – 800 Poki
  • Souvenir Chocolates x3 – 2,000 Poki
  • Toy Duck 290 Poki
  • TV with VCR – 3,400 Poki

As always, we hope you found this guide helpful. We will be actively adding to this list and you guys are more than welcome to submit some yourselves if you would like to. For further assistance is required, perhaps you should check out our other guides on Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

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