Happy Home Paradise Facilities

Want to know how to decorate those Happy Home Paradise Facilities? We’ve got you covered.

The new Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC doesn’t just have you decorating Villagers’ homes, it also has a number of facilities like a School, a Café, and a Restaurant that you will be able to renovate and redecorate as well. You won’t be able to decorate them straight away though. First, you will need to decorate a required number of homes before you can get creative on a facility. In this guide, we will be listing what each facility is, where you can find it and what the pre-requisites are before you can refurbish them.



Happy Home Paradise Facilities


Location: Next door on the left of Paradise Planning
How to Unlock: Decorate six vacation homes

The School is the first facility you will be able to work on once you have reached the rank of Promising Designer. To reach this rank, you will need to design six vacation homes. After you have done that, speak to Lottie and she will talk to you about redecorating a school and getting it functioning again.

You will be able to decorate both the exterior and the interior of the school. When inside, Lottie will also teach you how to expand the size of the room. This opens up many more decoration options as it gives you more space to work with. You are given a minimum task of adding a Teacher’s Desk, two tables, and four chairs. What you choose is up to you but you aren’t limited to just those furniture items. You can get creative by turning the school into a science lab or perhaps a colorful preschool.

Once you finish decorating the school to your design, talk to Lottie who will then ask you to choose who will run the school. You can then take a celebratory photograph to finish up. This will be the first of five Happy Home Paradise Facilities under your belt.

Happy Home Paradise Facilities


Restaurant & Café

Location: Restaurant – Over the bridge to the right of Paradise Planning
Café – Below the bridge and to the right of Paradise Planning
How to Unlock: Decorate twelve vacation homes

The Restaurant and the Café are the second and third facilities you will be able to work on. You will be given the chance to work on either one after you have designed twelve vacation homes. Don’t worry about which one you pick, you will be able to decorate the other facility immediately after if you wish.

Once you design the exterior of either facility to how you see fit, it will then be tasked to design the interior. The Café is a single room that requires a cash register, a table, and four chairs. The Restaurant is similar in requirements to the Café but it has a second room for the kitchen that requires two stove tops. After setting up the required furniture items, you can carry out decorating each facility how you see fit.

When you have finished, just talk to Lottie and you will have to choose who will work the restaurant and Café as staff, as well as take the celebratory photo. That is now two and three of the Happy Home Paradise Facilities finished.

Bonus: If you talk to the Chef in the Restaurant’s kitchen, they will give you a DIY cooking recipe. They will only give you one DIY cooking recipe once a day but at least it is something if you are planning to get all the DIY cooking recipes.




Happy Home Paradise Facilities

Location: Up the ramp to the on the left of the School
How to Unlock: Decorate 22 vacation homes

The Hospital is the fourth facility you will work on after you have designed 22 vacation homes. Once you have decorated 20 vacation homes or so, Lottie will suddenly become ill. She will be flown away by Wilbur to get treated and you and the rest of the Paradise Planning team will be left to fend for yourselves. A client will come in through the door to the office and Niko will step up to take on the client. After you have decorated the client’s home, you will return to the office and Lottie will be there, in much better health, and will thank you and Niko for stepping up to the plate.

Once you have decorated about 22 vacation homes, Lottie will give you the opportunity to renovate a hospital on the island. After her bout with sickness, she has thought it wise to open up a medical facility on the island so those visiting the island will have somewhere to go if they feel ill.

The hospital is divided up into two rooms: a waiting room and an examination room. The waiting room requires a counter and four chairs with the rest of the room free to decorate with anything else you would like to add. The examination room requires a doctor’s desk, doctor’s chair, and patient’s chair. You can fill up the rest of the room how you like.

When you have finished decorating the hospital, you can then talk to Lottie to select the staff who will work the hospital and take the all-important celebratory photograph to finish up. This will be the fourth of the five Happy Home Paradise Facilities out of the way.

Bonus: After the Hospital is finished, talk to whoever is working in the waiting room. They will inform you on whether you would like an examination from the doctor that will get you hospital-themed items. They will also tell you that they are looking for donations of 120,000 Poki to expand the Hospital and open up a patient ward. If you pay the full donation, talk to Lottie the next day (or the next time you play that isn’t the same day). Ask her about facilities and choose the Hospital so you can start working on the Patient Ward. The Patient Ward requires a minimum of three beds. After that, you can use your imagination to add anything else to the room.

Happy Home Paradise Facilities


Apparel Shop

Happy Home Paradise Facilities

Location: Next door to the right of the Restaurant
How to Unlock: Decorate 30 vacation homes

The Apparel Shop is the last facility that you will work on. After you have decorated your 30th vacation home. Speak to Lottie and she will give you the opportunity to design an Apparel Shop (also known as a clothes shop or clothing shop).

Just like with the other four Happy Home Paradise facilities, you will be tasked with giving the exterior a makeover before moving on to the interior. You are required to use six mannequins and a cash register for your shop. You can then go on to decorate the store in any fashion you please.

Afterward, talk to Lottie when you are done so you can choose someone to work the Apparel Shop, as well as tell her what clothing items the shop should stock. You can then give the shop a name and finish up by taking the celebratory photo. You are now finished with all the facilities on the island.

Bonus: The Apparel Shop will have clothing items available to purchase and will change every day. You can find all sorts of styles depending on what selection of clothing items you told Lottie.

Happy Home Paradise Facilities


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