Great change is afoot. Version 2.0.0 is available now for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and so much has changed and that’s before we even factor in the Happy Home Paradise changes as well. So, to celebrate all things Animal Crossing, we’re creating a new series of guides dedicated to the new series of content.

In this particular guide, we’re be covering Ordinances and how to enact them:


How to Enact Ordinances in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?:


What are Ordinances?:

First introduced in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as Town Ordinance, Ordinances are a special set of governing rules that can be applied, effecting great change in your town and now thanks to the version 2.0.0 update, Ordinances are back and this time around, they’re called Island Ordinance.

There are a total of four ordinances, but only one can be put into effect at one time and it will make a great change as to how things play out on your islands, but choose wisely. Because of the paperwork involved, Isabelle will charge the player 20,000 bells to invoke your preferred ordinance, but the cancellation fee is free for when you wish to cease the current one in favour of doing away with them entirely or just enacting another one.

For a breakdown as to what each Ordinance is and what they do, we have that information below:

Beautiful Island Ordinance:

For the player expecting to be away from their game quite a lot and hoping they might be able to get some help with weeding, having each flower watered and getting your villagers to assist with keeping your waters clean, this is the ordinance for you. Cleanliness is next to godliness and if you’re willing to spend the necessary bells, help is at hand.

Price: 20,000 Bells

Early Bird Ordinance:

For the player who is unable to play later in the day but able to play during the earlier hours of the morning, this is the ordinance for you as it will see your resident villagers become more active nearer to the beginning of the day and even see the local businesses open earlier as well.

Price: 20,000 Bells

Night Owl Ordinance:

For the player who is unable to play in the morning, but has no issues with a late-night gaming session, then this might just be your ideal ordinance. With this ordinance in effect, your residents will stay up later and, as an added bonus, the local businesses will stay open later as well.

Price: 20,000 Bells

Bell Boom Ordinance:

Spend more to make more. Really make it rain and see the price of various objects increase by applying this ordinance, to make the cost of goods skyrocket. On the downside, things will cost considerably more, but on the upside, things you sell will increase in price as well.

Price: 20,000 Bells

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