A Game Hog Christmas Carol

Here at Miketendo64, we sure do love it when we get sent things, be it a photo, a letter, a video or even actual items and today in our mailbox, we got sent a comedy sketch.

Sure it’s not really Nintendo related and Christmas is over, but it’s still the festive season, a time for being jolly and I’d be selfish to keep this to myself, so cheers for sending this in Fernando, it’s my pleasure to share this. I give you all, A Game Hog Christmas Carol (Comedy Sketch):

This is much appreciated Fernando and should any of you readers out there feel like watching some more Game Hog videos over on YouTube, here’s a link to their YouTube channel:




Should anyone else wish to send something in to us, whatever it may be, you are more than welcome to send us an email. Our email address is: miketendo64@gmail.com and we check it constantly every day!


Happy Holidays everyone!


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