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The guys over at Image & Form have put out another episode of The Engine Room: SteamWorld Insider and while they talk about a great number of things, they also discuss SteamWorld Project 2017.

We already know they are working on a new game, that they have a devkit for the Nintendo Switch and that the new game is being made for the Nintendo Switch, but what we didn’t know is that it will be playable at Boston next year, during Pax East. Fun fact, Nintendo of America have already revealed the Nintendo Switch will be playable at PAX East, (runs from March 10th to March 12th), so just in case there was any doubt that codenamed “SteamWorld Project 2017” isn’t a Switch title, I think we can finally put that notion to bed.

Sadly, the guys don’t really mention anything else about the game, except a reiteration of saying the game will release next year, ut they did talk about something else that is equally important, Image & Form’s 20th anniversary. There was even a bit of story time as Brjánn recapped on the company’s history and the news of SteamWorld Challenges. And even then that’s still not all! But because we want to keep some surprises, we encourage you at home to watch the new The Engine Room: SteamWorld Insider episode that we’ve included below! (There’s even a giveaway, so for the chance of winning, paying attention is a must!)

Image & Form are going to make 2017, a year to remember and I will tell you this now, it would be remiss of me and everyone else who goes on to buy the new console, to not own the forthcoming title. SteamWorld is for everyone, even if a lot of us don’t even know it yet. If you are one of those who have never played a SteamWorld game, first kick yourself a leg and then take advantage of the huge Holiday sale the guys are doing. (From December 22nd to the 5th of January, SteamWorld Heist is available for 50% off, whereas Dig is currently available at 80% off). Now is the BEST time to discover a series you will fall in love with, because the next instalment is coming out next year!


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