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With the worldwide sensation Pokemon GO! increasing in popularity, it makes sense for the us to give it another chance with our second impressions to see if we can look past the flaws we brought up in my last related post and see if we can find any new ones but more importantly try to look at the benefits as well. We take a look into Egg hatching in this article and also tracking down the more elusive critters of Pokemon Go!

I started my journey early today with an 8:00 am rise and out the door. My bag was packed, my phone was charged as was my external battery pack and I had my cap. It was time to take another adventure into the world of Pokemon Go. On my last trip I had accumulated a few eggs and after purchasing some incubators with real-life cash (ouch!), I had a long trek ahead of me to make sure the critters hatched (At least 5K for the most part). I probably did about 12 Kilometres in total and am starting to feel the effects of such a long walk.


After trying to use the tracking system in Pokemon Go to find nearby Pokemon, I find that no matter where I go, I can never seem to find the one I want to catch. Yet After it has disappeared of the map, I bump into one that I gave up tracking half an hour ago. It does seem to be a little random in where you find Pokemon but I did manage to bag myself a Poliwag, Venonat, Krabby, Pidgeotto, Golbat, Eevee and Tentacool. The hatched eggs also brought with them a good result as they gave me, Magikarp, Geodude, Nidoran male & female and Ponyta. I spent a good 20 minutes searching for Ghastly but he disappeared before I could get close.


Now onto the next set of flaws that I have found. If you are in well receptive areas, your GPS can keep up with your location but if for some reason you lose internet connectivity, you will seem to stay still in the game and it will take a while to relocate your position. Turning off all other apps is a must as it not only makes your phone go slow, it can actually start to cook it. Tracking Pokemon can be an incredible feat as there is no indication on whether you are travelling in the right direction or not, especially when the GPS plays up at the last moment and all of a sudden the Pokemon you have been tracking for the last half an hour has all of a sudden disappeared and you are in a completely different position on the map.


It always seems to be after a long hunt of funding nothing, you all of a sudden come across a pokemon which you have already caught before 20-50 times before, I am constantly finding Zubats and the occasional Pidgey, but even the slightly less obscure but still common Pokemon are extremely elusive. To top it off though, you still can’t beat the rapid battery consumption as Yesterday I found a Blastoise in my place of work and the battery died before I had a chance to capture the brute. I felt like screaming NOOOOO! to the heavens but it would do no good.


Pokemon GO has raised my opinion of it and I have indeed succumbed to its charm. I can’t wait for the trading element to come into play as I can sure see that becoming a very welcoming addition to this app.

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