As we said yesterday, the Breath of the Wild demo is headed to the London next week and just like I thought they would, Nintendo UK have come out and announced there will be a competition in which the chosen winners will be allowed to PLAY Breath of the Wild during the event.


This is the chance of a lifetime for 30 lucky winners and if you would really like to be one of them, the listen up because these are the rules. Firstly you will need to be over 12 years old and have a guardian who will be able to accompany you if you win (but if you’re 18 and over, than that is not the case.) So if you fit that category, next you will need to click here to be taken to a small questionnaire, containing five questions you will need to answer. After that you will be entered into a draw and provided Hylia smiles in your favour, you could win a ticket (or two if under 18 and need a companion) to Hyper Japan Festival 2016 and be given your allocated time slot to play the demo.

Be advised you are winning a ticket (or two) to attend the event, it does not cover the cost of you travelling to the event, or cover hotel costs, should you wish to stay over. As for the contest itself, you will only have until 11:59 UK time on Sunday the 10th of July, so if you don’t answer those questions before then, then I’m sorry but you will have blown your chance of being one of those chosen to play the demo.


To all who enter, we wish you the best of luck and for our readers who see this article, for you we cross our and hope that maybe, just maybe, you will be one of the chosen 30 who will get to play this breathtakingly beautiful Zelda game.


Source: Thomas Whitehead of Nintendo Life

By Jack Longman

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