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Last month we ran our Mew for You giveaway, and in case you didn’t hear about it, basically we had a spare NA Mew code up for grabs (the very same Mew as the one distributed back in February,) and in order to get it, you just had to leave us a comment regarding Pokémon Sun & Moon.


Well one user did do just that on our Facebook page and after reading through the answers we did get, we picked our winner and it is Christopher Allen Guidry, who is now currently enjoying his newest Pokémon. Still just because the giveaway was called A Mew for You, Mew wasn’t the only Pokémon going, because additionally we did have starter Pokémon also up for grabs, but sadly the requirements to snag one of them wasn’t met at all. Still it just means we have them for the next time when we do our next Pokémon Giveaway.


But that is neither here or now, so until the next one, we have been Miketendo64 and we would like to thank Gamer2006 for giving us the Mew code with us in the first place.


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