Before you get mislead by the title, we are about to get lessons in how to cook every single Pokémon (although I bet Psyduck à l’orange and Peaking Psyduck, would taste quite,) but we are in store a Pokémon Cookbook!

So if you ever wanted to know how Brock made all of his recipes, maybe this book has the answer! The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy and Fun Recipes, (already available in Japan,) is getting an English translation will release near the end of the year, to bookstores on December the 6th thanks to Viz Media. The book includes recipes for Pikachu Ramen, Pokéball sushi rolls, Mashed Meowth Potatoes and so much more.

If that hasn’t got you frothing at the mouth, there’s also supposed to be a recipe for a Pokémon themed pizza, proving it’s not all Japanese, but has Italian recipes too. So what do you say, well you be picking up your couple when we’re just weeks shy of the Christmas holidays? Or is your answer a flat-out “No!” Let us know.


Source: Allegra Frank of Polygon

By Jack Longman

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