From Mario to Link, to Inklings to Pokémon, as always, we’re here to keep you updated on all of the latest news. Below you can catch all of our choice picks of noteworthy news this week. These are the Miketendo64 News Highlights of the week!


Beyond Good & Evil 2 (TRADEMARK FILED):

This week Ubisoft filed a new trademark for Beyond Good & Evil, under multiple different class designations. Classes designations such as game software, an online component, clothing and even paper products. All of this came after the emerged rumours last month regarding Nintendo allegedly funding a Beyond Good & Evil sequel exclusively for the NX.


Source: Alex Osborn of IGN


Pokkén Tournament (Version 1.2):

The Pokémon arcade styled fighter game we’re all just getting to know and love, is to receive an update sometime this month, to fix the broken Shadow Mewtwo. As of this moment in time, the Shadow version of Mewtwo, is able to let his opponents feel the full brunt of his wraith by dishing out an infinite combo, which can turn the tide in any and all matches the Shadow Mewtwo user partakes in. Although Shadow Mewtwo isn’t the only Pokémon to receive a tweak as Reshiram is also going to be on the receiving end, along with various other bug fixes.




Pokémon (Sun, Moon & Jirachi):

Last month we received news that Pokémon Sun & Moon would feature on an episode of Gathering at the Pokémon House, and it did, except Pokémon Sun & Moon’s first TV broadcast turned out to be nothing more than the very special trailer we saw of the game, during the February Nintendo Direct. So with no real news reveals here, perhaps we’ll be a lot luckier when CoroCoro comes out with all the Pokémon S&M gossip we’ve been both promised and waiting for.Poke Moon

But while we do wait for Pokémon we can’t have right now, how about one we can? Jirachi is now available to be acquires as part of the Monthly Mythical Pokémon distributions that started back in February and ends in December.




Alison Rapp (FIRED):

After months of harassment regarding censorship controversies the last few months, Alison Rapp, formally of Nintendo Treehouse, was fired by Nintendo of America. The result of which saw Rapp take to Twitter with the following statement: “Today, the decision was made. I am no longer, a safe representative of Nintendo, and my employment has been terminated.

Nintendo took the time to deny the fact she was fired was due to the harassment but because of her second job, which “conflict with Nintendo’s corporate culture. Developments on this continue to come in, so for more information, be sure to read the source article.


Source: Patrick Klepek of Kotaku



With another double bill of reviews this week, we posted our full thoughts and opinions on Hyrule Warriors Legends and Miitomo, Nintendo’s latest port and mobile app. The two of them couldn’t be any more different if they tried, but we gave them both the attention they deserves, so if feel like checking out everything we’ve had to say about them, be sure to use the links below.

The War Rages On / Hyrule Warriors Legends – Review (3DS)

 The Mobile Mania That Is Miitomo! – Review (Mobile)


But if Nintendo’s foray into the world of mobile applications and the return of Hyrule Warriors, aren’t to your liking, we have a batch of reviews on new games that just might suit your taste buds. Be them games on the Wii U, or the 3DS you can find them below:

Nintendo 3DS Game Reviews

Nintendo Wii U Game Reviews


 And if you’re interested in knowing what is next on our list of games to be reviewed, it is of course the My Nintendo rewards exclusive, My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.



This week on Miketendo64 (POKéMON GO FIELD-TESTING & MIITOMO):

With interest continuing to grow regarding Pokémon GO, the long awaited game mobile game bagged two of our Top spots this week, with Miitomo snatching the third, but just which one was our best piece?

Well taking 3rd place was our Miitomo/Nintendo write-up: We Have Miitomo & My Nintendo! All Rewards Detailed.

In second 2nd place was our small piece: Pokémon GO – Beta Footage Emerges! With fresh footage that emerged from day one of Pokémon GO beta testing, of course we just had to post it, with all the details it brought with it.

Now as for our #1 Top Spot piece for this week, it’s another Pokémon GO article: Pokémon GO Field Testing In Japan Has Begun! Details Revealed! Our big Pokémon news piece of the week contains all the newly released details, such as trainer customisation, start Pokémon and so much more. To get all caught up with the latest development, you use the link to below to access the full article, along with any of our other Top 3:

1st) Pokémon GO Field Testing In Japan Has Begun! Details Revealed!

2nd) Pokémon GO – Beta Footage Emerges!

3rd) We Have Miitomo & My Nintendo! All Rewards Detailed!


Miitomo & My Nintendo (OUT IN THE WEST):

After weeks of waiting, the West finally got to catch up with Japan and join in on the fun that comes with Miitomo and downloads are going well. We also saw Miitomo receive an update, which was needed as a number of phones (mine included) struggled to just open the app, let alone use it. But now more phones the world over are able to load up Miitomo and be on their merry Mii way to answering all kinds of questions and changing wardrobe as much as a runway model.


But it wasn’t all Miitomo this week, because a lot of us in Europe, North America and even Brazil, got access to Club Nintendo’s replacement, My Nintendo and commence racking up the Platinum and Gold points so that purchase the digital rewards we really want, but not all rewards are the same, as rewards and prices for them, do vary from region to region.


For a list rewards available for Europe and North America, be sure to check out the source article, but that is not all where Nintendo is concerned as they have launched a new webshop at where gamers will be able purchase digital games and content, which can then be downloaded to your Wii U or 3DS, later on.

Source: We Have Miitomo & My Nintendo! All Rewards Detailed!


There was certainly a lot more talking points when it came to the news this week, as opposed to the week before and next week looks even more promising with both details regarding Pokémon GO, Sun and Moon are expected and who knows, maybe we’ll start hearing a whole lot more about the April releasing Star Fox Zero game. But no matter what does emerge next week, we’ll be sure to share it here like we always do!


By Jack Longman

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