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Well today marks the 1 year anniversary of Amiibo, has it really been a year already? Well since then we have had over 65 different Amiibo figures and that’s not all as Nintendo have begun fabricating Amiibo cards and are well into their second series as well. The Amiibo craze has taken the world by storm and has sold over 21 million figures. Well to commemorate this I would like to share my own Amiibo Experience with you all.


I, like many other Nintendo Fan have fallen into the powerful hold of Amiibo, I started with buying just one, the Link Amiibo, as being a fan of The Legend Of Zelda, It was the one that appealed to me most. So I began training him in Smash Bros for Wii U and made him into an almost impossible fighting force. Then came the news that all characters in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS will be having their own Amiibo which meant that the other Legend Of Zelda Characters will be getting their own interactive figures and then my dormant OCD  kicked in and I just had to get the Legend Of Zelda Collection. I then picked up the the Zelda Amiibo and then the Shiek and Toon Link consecutively and then I needed just one more, Ganondorf. This July I managed to get the Ganondorf Amiibo I needed to complete my Zelda collection and I was ecstatic. I constructed a makeshift diorama to add them to and I thought to myself that I had quenched my Amiibo thirst but that was only the beginning.


I bought the Mario Party 10 Bundle when it was released which, came with the Super Mario Edition Mario Amiibo, and for a while I was content but then after completing my Zelda Collection, The urge to collect all the Super Mario Edition Amiibos got the better of me and then began my quest to collect the 5 others in the collection; Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad & Bowser. It seems I am a lot my compulsive than I thought and that I am a sucker for appealing collectible toys, especially those from Nintendo. My next problem was where to keep them all. I started with one and all of a sudden, I now have 15 of them including both 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibos (Classic & Modern). Fortunately my talented little Brother crafted me a shelf unit to put them all on for my Birthday, Thanks Jack 🙂


So now all my Amiibos are sitting pretty on my finely crafted shelf unit and have been arranged in their own little collections and I look at it with a sense of great achievement (A little Sad, I Know) but now the urge is welling up again as I also received a Zero Suit Samus & Inkling Girl Amiibo for my brithday and now I feel compelled to buy the Standard Samus and the other Splatoon Amiibo and with the news of a Wolf Link Amiibo coming out with the release of Twilight Princess HD, My compulsiveness is kicking into overdrive. It seems I am suffering from an addiction, and my addiction is Amiibo, and I tell You what, there are worse things to be addicted to 😉

Amiibo Shelf

Though my collection is still quite small in comparison to other big time Amiibo Collectors, I am still proud to call myself an Amiibo collector. If You have any Amiibo Experiences you would like to share, please feel free to tell your story in the comments section below 😀

Until Next Time, Keep Gaming!

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  • As a bit of an old timer in the gaming world I’ve seen thing come and go I really think I should be saying things like “next year they will be half the price when all the hype has gone” in the real world I’m saying things like “I have to have the Shulk one “, “I need some for Super Smash Bros “and “what you can’t really complete the game without them all!”. While where on the subject have you see the new Wolf Link Amiibo wow that a must, Gotta catch em all OMG a sudden flash back! Yer we can’t stop ourselves

    • I know exactly what you mean. I have sunk nearly 200 euros in amiibo and I don’ t think I will be stopping anytime soon 😉

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