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Pokémon: Let’s Go Demo now available on Nintendo Switch eshop

A surprise drop before tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Has given us a new demo on the Nintendo Switch eshop and its for Pokémon Let’s Go! Have you been on the fence about the game? Then give this demo a shot to see if it’s for you. The demo is now available worldwide. Advertisements
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[Guide] List of officially released QR codes for Yo-kai Watch 3

Hey there and welcome to another Yo-kai Watch 3 guide! Today, we’ll be talking about QR Codes and how to use them! Fans of the series, should be used to how QR codes work in the game, but for those who aren’t they give you free items or even the chance to battle Yo-kai! All you… View Article
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Travis Strikes Again UE Logo Guide

[Guide] Travis Strikes Again UE Logo Guide

Hello All! If you have found yourself here, its because you are looking to find every Unreal Engine Logo to unlock their exclusive T-Shirts in TSA: No More Heroes. Whilst this guide is a work in progress, I have listed all the UE Logo Locations that I have uncovered so far so you don’t have… View Article
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[Feature] Getting Solid with Solid Jack (a Fitness Boxing Blog) – Entry #6: Time to pick it up

Slow and steady wins the race? During the 36 days I have invested into Fitness Boxing, I have had some highs and lows. I gained weight when others had lost it, I stepped up the amount of time I spent with the game each workout and started to just workout every day and positive results… View Article
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Fortnite ingame Stat tracking arrives for Nintendo Switch in v7.40 (This Week!)

Epic Games has announced that its updating its ingame stat tracking system to v.2 and with it, it’ll be releasing officially on mobile and Nintendo Switch this week! Heya folks, It’s been a while since we’ve talked about stats so let’s dive right in. In the v7.40 update, we’ll be turning on Stats v2. What… View Article
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Rocket League Friend List Update Goes Live February 19th

Psyonix is proud to announce that their cross-platform Friends update will be going live on February 19th. The Rocket League Friend List Update will allow players to connect and play with other players using different platforms. We have an official annoucement and an announcement video below.   PSYONIX ANNOUNCES FRIENDS UPDATE FOR ROCKET LEAGUE® Cross-Platform Party… View Article
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The King's Bird

The King’s Bird Launches On Switch Today With Free DLC

The King’s Bird has officially released on Nintendo Switch today. It hasn’t come alone either as it has free DLC straight off the bat. 13 extra levels to play through and a Replay mode that allows you to watch your previous runs. We have an official release trailer and an announcement from Serenity Forge below…. View Article
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Minesweeper Genius

Minesweeper Genius Making An Impact On Switch eShop Today

Get ready to exclaim “Eureka!” as you blow poor Aristotle to smithereens in Minesweeper Genius. Developed by Mgaia Studio and published by Blowfish Studios, Minesweeper Genius tasks the player to guide a clone of aristotle through a series of alien labs that have been boobytrapped with mines. One false step will send the Greek Philospher back into the history books…. View Article
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Space Lift Danger Panic

Space Lift Danger Panic! Releasing On Switch February 15th

The space-inspired arcade game Space Lift Danger Panic! from Springloaded will be releasing on Nintendo Switch on February 15th. The game uses touchscreen controls that allows the player to spawn safety nets under the falling astronauts to spare them from death. You can use up to four fingers simultaneously. We have a content guide for Space Lift Danger… View Article
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Summer In Mara

Summer In Mara Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal In 48 Hours

We recently reported about a new Zelda: Windwaker inspired game that has set its sights on the Nintendo Switch as well as other consoles. Summer In Mara is well into it’s Kickstarter campaign and has already reached its goal of €35,000 within 48 hours. The project still has another 24 days to go until its end date… View Article
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Degrees Of Separation

[Video] Degrees Of Separation Launch Trailer

Modus Games have released a new launch trailer for their upcoming game Degrees Of Separation. The game will be releasing on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One on Valentine’s Day for $19.99.  Will you conquer the divide and reunite the two protagonists? You can check out the trailer below. Warning! It gave me goosebumps just watching it…. View Article
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Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition

Rad Rogers: Radical Edition Will Debut Co-op Gameplay On Switch

HandyGames have announced that Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition will debut Co-op mode on the Nintendo Switch, when it releases on February 26th. The game will also be bringing some old gaming favourites along with the ride including; Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, Shelly “Bombshell” Harrington from Bombshell and the king of alien whoopass himself, Duke Nukem. The PC, PS4 and Xbox One… View Article
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February 13 Nintendo Direct

February 13 Nintendo Direct Finally Confirmed

Well folks, the rumours have at last been confirmed that there is indeed a Nintendo Direct coming on February 13th. The February 13 Nintendo Direct will go live at 2pm PT and will run for approximately 35 minutes. It will focus on upcoming Switch titles and will also feature Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Here are the… View Article
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Assassin's Creed III Remastered Switch

[Rumour] Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Switch Listing Now Removed From Ubisoft Club

After the announcement of Assassin’s Creed III Remastered coming to consoles, it left to speculation that a Switch Version could be on the cards as well. The Assassin’s Creed III Remastered Switch listing has been seen on a number of online retailers and even via the Ubisoft Club website. However, Ubisoft have since removed the listing from… View Article
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Thea: The Awakening

Thea: The Awakening Switch Sales “Noticeably Better In First Week” Than On Other Consoles

In a recent interview with Ninty Gamer about Thea: The Awakening, MuHa Games revealed that the Nintendo Switch version did much better than it’s other console counterparts at launch. Whilst not revealing to much information as regards to sales data, MuHa Games stated that Thea: The Awakening “did noticeably better in its first week on Switch than on… View Article
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[Video] AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected – Launch Trailer

Nintendo have recently published a new trailer for AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected from Playdius. The trailer features gameplay and introduces some of the characters you will meet as you play. You can view the new trailer for AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected below.
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Episode 80 Special thanks to Miketendo64 for giving us the opportunity of sharing our Nintendo Podcast on the Miketendo64 website. Welcome to Episode Eighty of the Get N Or Get Out Nintendo Podcast where we discuss all the Nintendo news live for your entertainment. In this episode, Caleones (Sergio Acevedo), and Dantes talk about Xbox Live coming to… View Article
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[Review] Farm Together (Nintendo Switch)

Developer: Milkstone Studios Publisher: Milkstone Studios Platform: Nintendo Switch Category: Simulation, Lifestyle, Multiplayer & Strategy Release Date: February 1, 2019 (EU & NA)
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Waffles all the Way! (Splatoon 2: Pancakes vs Waffles Splatfest Results)

Sorry Pearl, but breakfast has been served and pancakes are not the food of choice. The results are in for the North American/European splatfest that tasked players with choosing between Pancakes and Waffles and the results are entirely in Marina’s favour. Having been Team Waffle, Waffle managed to win every available point, thus completely crushing… View Article
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Riddled Corpses EX

Riddled Corpses EX Coming To Nintendo Switch This March

COWCAT Games has announced that they are bringing the 80’s/90’s inspired arcade, twin stick shooter Riddled Corpses EX to the Nintendo Switch eShop on March 2nd, 2019. The game is the remastered version the Diabolical Mind’s original game. Riddled Corpses EX sees a number of improvements including solid 60 FPS, story elements and two-player co-op mode. We have a trailer for… View Article
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