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Banjo-Kazooie Composer Wrote The Music For Banjo Smash Reveal

Whilst I am still recovering from seeing the Banjo-Kazooie reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, my brain started wondering. I began thinking to myself that the music sounded far too familiar to have been written by anyone other than Banjo-Kazooie Composer, Grant Kirkhope himself. Well it turns out, the Legendary composer of the original Banjo-Kazooie… View Article
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Collection Of Mana

Collection Of Mana Announced For Switch, OUT NOW

Alongside the announcement of the Trials Of Mana remake, Square Enix also revealed the Collection Of Mana for the Nintendo Switch in the Nintendo Direct E3 2019. The retro collection is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop and can be bought for $39.99. The collection includes; FINAL FANTASY Adventure, Secret Of Mana and Trials of Mana (Original,… View Article
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Trials Of Mana

Trials Of Mana Remake In The Works For Switch, Releases Early 2020

During the Nintendo Direct E3 2019, Trials Of Mana was announced for the Nintendo Switch. The game is a Remake of the original that released back in 1995 and was exclusive only to Japan. While no release date has been confirmed, Trials Of Mana remake is expected to release some time in early 2020. We have an… View Article
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Sequel To Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

[Video] Sequel to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – First Look Trailer

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch! It was revealed right at the end of the Nintendo Direct E3 2019. While details are slim, we got a brand new teaser trailer featuring Link and Princess Zelda travelling in what looks to be deep under… View Article
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New amiibo Are On The Way, Release Dates Given! Just Announced At E3 2019.

Nintendo have announced brand new amiibo are on the way! A new Link amiibo for The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Four new Smash Bros. Series amiibo. If you are a huge amiibo collector then you will definitely want to know when these new ones are available. We have the full details below: A… View Article
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Banjo-Kazooie Is Coming To Super Smash Bros Ultimate This Fall

I will not deny it, today is THE happiest day of my gaming life. After all these years, Banjo-Kazooie has finally made it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Bear and Bird Duo will be joining the vast roster of fighters in Fall 2019. The reveal was made during the Nintendo Direct E3 2019 towards… View Article
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Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Full Recap – Zelda, Luigi’s Mansion 3, Banjo In Smash and More

The Nintendo E3 2019 Direct has aired and it was SPECTACULAR! Right off the bat, tt begins with the perhaps unsurprising announcement of the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character Reveal. The Dragon Quest XI S gang is coming to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate. It then goes on to show footage and game play… View Article
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Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix Roadmap

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Grand Prix Roadmap Detailed, Spyro Revealed

Activision have revealed their post-launch plans for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. The game will recieve seasonal bonus content including new tracks, customization items, characters including Spyro the Dragon himself. The first Grand Prix will start on July 3, 2019. We have the official Press Release below which includes everything you need to know about the… View Article
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Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Comes To Switch This September

Bandai Namco have announced that Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch is coming to the Nintendo Switch. A remastered version of the game is also on the way but only to PS4 and PS4 Pro. The game will run at a steady 720p at 30fps in both docked and handheld mode. As regards… View Article
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[Feature] Who WON’T Be Coming To Smash Bros. Ultimate As DLC

Smash Bros. Ultimate currently has 76 characters under its belt, with 4 more coming. Many people are throwing their hats into the ring predicting who will be in the game, including us here at Miketendo 64, but who cares about optimism! Here’s who WON’T be Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC: Sakurai has one surefire way… View Article
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Pokémon GO trainers, Are you ready for Professor Willow’s Global Challenge?

With Pokémon GO Fest on the horizon Niantic have now announced the Pokémon GO Global Challenge! Starting each weekend of GO Fest events, complete research tasks for your in-game team and earn rewards based off how many people do globally. Who knows, you might have some sweet bonuses awaiting you! You can catch the full… View Article
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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Announced For Nintendo Switch

NIS America have announced that the Disgaea series continues on Nintendo Switch with Disgaea 4 Complete+. The game comes complete with all previously release DLC, scenarios and additional characters. Brand new features and functions are also on the way in order to make Disgaea 4 Complete+ the “ULTIMATE Disgaea Experience”. A release date has been… View Article
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Darksiders Genesis

[Video] Darksiders Genesis E3 Demo Gameplay

Darksiders Genesis was revealed last week during the beginning of E3. Gameplay of the Darksiders Genesis E3 Demo has now made its way online. Granted, the gameplay footage is for the Xbox One X but with the game coming to the Nintendo Switch as well, we have shared it below so feel free to check it… View Article
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Puzzle & Dragons GOLD

[Japan] Puzzle & Dragons GOLD Announced For Switch

For anyone who has played Puzzle & Dragons on the 3DS, you may be interested to know that GungHo Online Entertainment are bringing Puzzle & Dragons GOLD to the Nintendo Switch. This news was brought to our attention by our good friends at Japanese Nintendo. Other than an initial announcement, no other details about the… View Article
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Oninaki Release Date Marked For August (Switch, PS4 & Steam)

Square Enix have revealed during their Square Enix Live E3 2019 Press Conference a release date for Oninaki. The Action RPG game developed by Tokyo RPG Factory will launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and STEAM on August 22nd. Oninaki is the third game created by Tokyo RPG Factory, known for their work on I Am Setsuna and LOST SPHEAR…. View Article
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Square Enix E3 2019 Highlights: New Trailers, Details, & Switch Announcements For Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, The Last Remnant, Crystal Chronicles And More!

The Square Enix Conference has just wrapped up, and with it many new announcements for Nintendo Switch titles! The conference kicked off for Switch folks with a look at Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Remastered. The game received a new release window of Winter 2019 & a brand new trailer. Next up, the surprise reveal of The Last… View Article
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Etherborn Release Date Announced, Coming To Switch This July

Kinda Funny Games are hosting their own Kinda Funny Games Showcase. During their E3 2019 livestream, a release date was revealed for Altered Matter’s Etherborn. The 3D environmental platformer will be launching July 18th on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you are interested to know more about Etherborn, you can find out more in the overview below: What is… View Article
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Horizon Chase Turbo

[North America] Horizon Chase Turbo Switch Physical Edition Announced

For those of you in North America, PM Studios, AQUIRIS and acttil have announced a release date for the physical edition of Horizon Chase Turbo. Gamers will be able to get their hands on Horizon Chase Turbo Switch Physical Edition come July 30th at select retailers. All first editions of the game will come with a Special… View Article
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Just Dance 2020

Just Dance 2020 Announced, Coming To Switch & Wii But Not Wii U

It shouldn’t come to a surprise but Just Dance 2020 has been announced for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii U on the other hand, will not be getting its own version. The Just Dance series is celebrating 10 years since it began which, is big enough reason to make a song and… View Article
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Trials Rising Season 2: Medieval Motor Mayhem

Trials Rising Season 2: Medieval Motor Mayhem Now Live – Full Details

The newest season for Trials Rising has been announced by Ubisoft and brings some renaissance flair with it. The Trials Rising Season 2: Medieval Motor Mayhem is now live and will have all new seasonal rewards, new bikes and 5 new medieval themed stages to ride down and make some serious air with. You can… View Article
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