Nintendo’s own Toys-To-Life range, Amiibo, has had a rather fluctuated history. There have been a number of waves of Amiibo Figures and Cards. Some have proven so popular and in limited quantity, that they have disappeared off shelves and into the hands of scalpers quicker than you can say ”   ,” (Yes, that quick you can’t even say anything). Others due to being over stocked, still won’t even budge from the bargain bin if sold for a fiver. With that said, Nintendo have managed to sell 9.3 million figures which is not bad going since I have about 59 of them myself.

The amiibo cards have done rather well despite only being of 2 different franchises, Animal Crossing and Mario Sports Superstars, though I think it is the Animal Crossing series that has sold a lot more cards, not because there are a lot more to them in the series. Well actually, that is most likely the case as Animal Crossing Series has 400 cards and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo has 50. The Mario Sports Superstars pales in comparison with only 90 cards. Still, together they have sold 5 Million units which is not to be sniffed at seeing as most Wii U games would kill to have sold numbers like that.

Source: Nintendo Consolidated Financial Highlights

By Mike Scorpio

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    1. I also have around 30 amiibo cards that are unofficial. Unfortunately that doesn’t add to these numbers but there were of Amiibo that were impossible to get hold of.

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