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While the DLC Pack 1 for Breath of the Wild is 2 days away from dropping for those of us in Western audiences, in Japan its 1 day away and new information has arrived!


According to the updated Japanese website for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while DLC Pack The Master Trials only requires 456 MB of free space to download on the Switch, it requires 3.7 GB on Wii U.


第1弾 試練の覇者 2017年6月30日午後 配信 ・剣(つるぎ)の試練 ・足跡(あしあと)モード ・マスターモード ・ワープマーカー ・宝探しで見つける装備8点 ・コログのお面 ダウンロードに必要な容量 Nintendo Switch:456MB Wii U:3.7GB

It has not officially been revealed why the numbers are what they are, but rest assured he Wii U version is not getting more content with the DLC than the Switch version is, it’s just more likely that the Switch has better and more advanced file compression than the Wii U does.


Source: nintendo.jp

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