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Earlier today we were first to provide you with the news that The Count Lucanor is headed to the Nintendo Switch and now we’re going to provide you with more The Count Lucanor news!

While it is the sole game Ratalaika Games has playable at this year’s Gamelab in Barcelona, Spain, it is a game that is being met with high praise as it is going down rather well with those in attendance. In fact the amount of interest The Count Lucanor is getting has even surprised Ratalaika Games, but just don’t go expecting the Switch version to be any different to any of the other versions coming to platforms such as PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Xbox One as like we said earlier, it is just a straight up port, which means no HD Rumble and no touch-screen controls.

Lucanor 1

Instead because it is a simple port, it won’t matter at all which platform you end up buying it for as each will offer the same experience. Only difference is with the Switch you can play on the go and on the big screen TV you have in your living room, whereas the SONY versions will both receive a physical release.


With regards to a release date, for now the only release window we have is 2017, but Ratalaika Games has professed that there will be some other Switch news to share when Gamelab is over.


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