[Video] Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass DLC in Action (Finding & Wearing the Switch Shirt)

*Spoiler Warning! The subject matter of these video and associated article, is not something you should read/watch should you wish to avoid any kind of Breath of the Wild related Spoiler. Even if it is just something that is dlc related.


Gamers all around the world are not getting their hands on their very own Nintendo Switch and its associated launch titles and with it, the dlc for Breath of the Wild.

While players must wait quite some time before they can undertake the large part of the DLC which properly begins in Summer, they can however find three new chests in the Great Plateau and get inside one of those chests, is the Nintendo Switch t-shirt we previously heard about.


Below you can find two videos that show off how to get the shirt and just general exploring Hyrule whilst wearing, enjoy and then find it yourself when you are able to play the game for yourself: 

Source: GameXlain (YouTube) & NintenDaan (YouTube)


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