Game Informer Provide First Look at a Never Before Seen Breath of the Wild Dungeon

Since Game Informer was able to go very hands on with Breath of the Wild, Game Informer have been providing all kinds of coverage, which has consisted of written articles, videos and new screenshots and today, after already revealing some details on a dungeon they got to play, today they have shared a new image pertain to that very dungeon and we have that image right here:

When Game Informer first shared details on the dungeon, we sifted through the information and shared details on our site and since we’re talking about the dungeon again, you can see the highlights below:

  • Breath of the Wild has one particular dungeon that is “constantly moving,” which requires Link to manipulate the “enormous mechanism through his own ingenuity.”
  • The “substance known as malice covers the dungeon” and it can hurt Link if he touches it. It can however be destroyed if the player finds and attacks each pocket of malice’s eyeball.
  • The Sheikah Slate (which serves as Link’s map, binoculars and more) can be used inside the dungeon to see a model and tilt the dungeon in all its entirety. Doing so can cause blocks to slide from one place to another and create new paths and locations for Link to paraglide over to.
  • A Voice will tell you to access terminals with the slate across the dungeon that are marked on your map.
  • Wind Blight Ganon is the boss of this dungeon and the Voice tells you Wind Blight Ganon is “one of Ganon’s own. It plays dirty.”
  • Wind Blight Ganon is also a huge monster, without a face that has a gun-like arm and can fire large spikes and create tornados.


We’ve also gone ahead and shared a 34+ minute long video by Game Informer, which consists of GI staff’s exclusive impressions of the game, enjoy:

Source: Game Informer



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